Tuesday 25 June 2013

Blog challenge day 14: A crazy confession

I don't know if its a confession, because i think many already know xD

But i find it waaaay too fun to stalk One Direction and Justin Bieber and their fandoms/fanbases! xD
I find it very fascinating to see what boys can do to 12 year old girls and what keeps them making music.. because.. maybe they enjoy what they do, but come on... which 20 year old boy likes having 93854568569 10-12 year old girl after them?? o.o

And also its kind of fun to think that i have been a fan like them. Back when i was 13 and i found Tokio Hotel i was like ...obsessed!! in many years xD

But now standing outside it all and just watching videos of crazy fans trying to slip under fences and hear how they scream when they THINK they see them its like... xD

I remember when i was at the Tokio Hotel concert!! There was this little chink in the curtains so you could see when someone backstage walked pass.. we screamed.. a lot!! Hahahah... aaah yeah..

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