Thursday 13 June 2013

Blog Challenge day 2: Dumbest purchase you've ever made

Lets start out saying, that im really good with money! I HATE using money, and do always feel bad afterward! Maybe not the small things in the Tiger store.. but big things.. lets say... over 100DKK?? xD

I still remember how bad i felt after using 50DKK on rubber bracelets in 7th grade, because i did not like them! I bougth them because everyone else had them! And 50DKK was a lot of money for me back then!!

But i think the dumbest purchase i have ever made was a subscription (or a one each year for 4 years >.<) to the teen magazine Vi Unge!! Its not that i hate hate the magazine, but when i look in them today its the same over and over again in every single magazine! Well the interviews with the celebrities are not, but the rest of it! Same embarrassing teenage stories... same problems with some 13year olds period and bla bla.. I think last ting i bougth it was in 10th grade or something...

But the most annoying with it is that... i can't throw them out! That is just how i am!!! I have spent sooo many money on these subscriptions so i can't make myself throw them out :(  But they are just.. standing there.. without getting used.. naah...

The picture is of my shelf and the arrows shows the magazines -.-  and yes there is a arrow out of the picture, because i actually have a gigant box in another room too...
I wound give them away, but those who reads this kind of stuff now may only be interested in someone like Justin Bieber or One Direction... but these magazines are from before they were famous... They are from the time where Jesse McCartney was crowned as the cutest guy on earth xD  anyone?? Come on!!!

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  1. Hahaha oh I love this! XD I never had a subscription to that Magazine, although I did have a subscription to the 'Witch' magazines for a while. Or well, not a subscription, my dad went out and bought them in the store for me every month :P