Wednesday 3 July 2013

Graduation 2013!

So now it was my turn to gratuate from the secondary school/High School/ what ever you want to call it in english... GYMNASIUM!

My parents, grandparents on both sides and my uncle came to the school to put on the gratuation cap on me and we went to eat a nice dinner on a restaurant down in the city.
I never made a wishlist so i got some money and my mom and dad gave me a new camera and a gratuation hoptimist.

The next few days we were on out... Graduation drive? student drive? I don't know what to call it, but you sit in the back of a open truck made for trasporting living animals or something. Then you dance, drink and scream to people you pass on the drive and visit everyone in the class' parents. It was fun!
It was first time since i was 15 i tasted some kind of alcohol.. i know that sounds bad like... "i was drinking when i was 15" xD  but it was something everyone had to try right?

I don't have that many pictures, because my dad is a slow vkjxnbkjfg but we got some pictures... i don't even have an official picture of me with my cap on, because im not the most photogenic person in the world...

My graduation Hoptimist and the inherit Hoptimist from my great-grandmother

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