Monday 10 June 2013

Bon Jovi concert 06-06-2013

Erh yeah.. it was a great sound in my head xD
Last weekend i was to the Bon Jovi concert in Copenhagen! It was.. amazing! *.*
I was at a Bon Jovi concert two year ago where he had a knee injury and was just standing the same place through the whole concert, but this time....!!!!
Now i know how he got that injury xD  He was jumping around like crazy and i totally forgot how much my feet and neck was hurting because i just enjoyed watching him!!

I don't agree with the danish newspapers (ekstra bladet)! They said he did not smile, because he knew that it was a bad concert and he was not good enough -.-  well fuck you too!!! It was soooo much better then last time and he was jumping as much as he use to on the live DVDs so ... yeah!!!

After the concert there was too many people waiting for the bus, so my mom and i had to go home.. 5 kilometers.. at 1 a.m... in short and t-shirt xD  it was sooo cold and my voice was totally gone! o.o
According to Ekstra Bladet, this is not a smile!

Nope not a smile! :E

The walk on Diamond Circle!

Have a nice day!!

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