Saturday 15 June 2013

Blog challenge day 4: Describe the object to your right

"Describe the object to your right as if it wad the coolest thing you'd ever seen" was actually day 5 but im on camping and have no paper to the drawing for day 4 :/  I can do that tomorrow!

So.. Im in the caravan and it's raining outside and the WiFi for the computer, so im on the phone right now!

The thing to my right is my dad... XD
He is so awesome and he have very nice grey hair and a beautiful big moustache which is almost down in his mouth...!
And and and he is the unlimited money machine.. Almost... and is the one I go to, when mom says NO.
He is also very cool when he dresses up like a cowboy or listens to Irish folk! Very loud..! Erh... Yeah xD

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