Monday 11 July 2016

Egeskov Castle

When I were in Odense with one of my friends we decided to take one of our other old friends under the arm and go to Egeskov Castle which is a little outside Odense. We took both the train and bus to get out there but the bus stops right outside the castle so that was not a problem at all. It was actually really easy.

It is a bit pricy to get in, especially if you are a student but there is A LOT to explore out there. The castle itself is not that big but there is a lot of history in the paintings and the hunting trophies there are basically everywhere. In the attic they have this really creepy wooden statue/doll that is lying on its side and there is myth that says that if you move the statue, the whole castle will destroy itself and simply fall into the water around it. Creepy!
Near the castle there is a little clothes museum with clothes from 1800 century and some of it is a bit older but not much. I found it really fascinating and took a lot of pictures because I love reading and learning about that period of time and I do love the corsages. The clothes are from the servants to the owners of the castle so you can see the different from poor to rich. There are also the different from winter to summer of course. Further down in the area there is another house with more clothes but also the carriages and cars they must have used and other equipment the works used on the castle and of course outside in the garden as well.

The thing I think most people are coming for in the summer is the garden around the castle. It is huge and there are small signs that tell you what all the plants are. We brought some lunch with us and sat on the grass between hundreds of beautiful flowers. As a part of their huge garden they have a labyrinth you can try to solve. It is like in the movies, you can’t look over the hedges and you can’t really cheat. You have to find the center of the labyrinth where there is a platform that leads to the bridge over the labyrinth and out. It took us exactly 15 minutes to find into the center of the labyrinth.
Again we were there a day where people was at school and work but at busy days there will be a employee that will make sure you get out again, If you get lost. They will give you a flag so you can show where you are and they will guide you out.

Something I really enjoyed was the hanging bridges they have made in the trees! In the middle of their own little forest.  It can be very nerve-wracking if you don’t like the height but there is a good view from up there. They also had a huge climbing tower on their playground that I enjoyed. I don’t why but if there is something I can crawl on and up I will always do it. I don’t really care that I am considered an adult in those situations! Haha.

If you are interested they have a huge collection of vintage motorcycles and a showroom for bicycles through the ages. As well as old cars, planes and other machinery that I don’t really know much about but the old London bus caught my attention because I had seen it in movies before. It’s of course fun to see but it has never been a big hobby of mine, but I took some pictures for my parents and grandparents and they were very interested. So you can say that they have something for everyone out at Egeskov Castle.

Photos by my friend Ayla

Odense zoo

A few weeks back I went to Odense with one of my friend to watch her sisters flat aka take the opportunity to get away from home for a while and maybe do some sightseeing in your own country. Even though I have a lot of friends studying in Odense I have never really been other places than their flats and the shopping opportunities. There are a lot of them actually.
I simply have to tell about my way there. I think I had the most unlucky travel ever. First of all I day to get up pretty early and smart as I am, I had decided the day before that I could pack the rest I needed in the morning. Did I do that? Not exactly… So I kind of had to get out and buy some clothes when I got there.

On the way there with the train I heard a huge BUMP and I felt the train run something over and I feared the worst! Then the train driver said in the speaker that he had hit a freaking cow. A COW! So he had to check if the train was okay and we were 15 minutes late (and yes the cow did die). When I went into the next train and there was a man checking my travel card it had somehow stopped working? It had working the moment before when I checked in on the station but it stopped working when I sat in the train. Perfect! So when I got to Odense I had to find the DSB office and get a new card because they had never seen that error before. When we were finally going to take the bus out to the flat I find out that I can’t use the freaking travel card in the busses in Odense yet so my friend had to pay for me. Just me luck?

The first day we spent in Odense ZOO because I have heard they have a Red Panda which is my favorite animal. It didn’t really come out while we were there and I have learned it is a night animal, so I guess I have to be really lucky to see it. We were there on a Tuesday when everyone else was at school and work so we had it almost all to ourselves and we used a lot of time with the giraffes. Right when we went into their area they opened the gate to their house and they all ran in to eat while we were standing there so we were really close to them.  We also used a lot of time with the lemurs. They were jumping around and especially one of them jumps up and sat right above us and stared us down. It almost sounded like it was whining when we tried to go away from it so we were standing and talking to it for quite a while.

Also my friend has a thing for goats so we had to into the “kids zoo” and pet with some goat kids. One of the small goats tried to eat her boots and it was so cute! …Until it tried to eat my shoelaces as well.
They had some very cute manatees you can watch from “under the water” while they eat. They are so big and clumsy and also very cute when they hold onto their salad head when they are eating.
We were at the ZOO for so long that we had to hurry through the penguin area even though they were standing there and almost posing for pictures.

I have to say that even though Odense is not a capital they have a pretty good zoo and you could get pretty close to the animals almost everywhere. (Of course through a glass window or something like it) All their animals seemed happy from our point of view even though they were locked up you know. The lions had so much more space than the ones in Berlin City zoo. But a fun detail is that the lion enclosure was right across the enclosure with the gazelles. The lions looked so desperate to get over there.  The poor lions can't do anything else than look at them every day.

Photos taken by my friend Ayla