Wednesday 30 July 2014

Home again!

So i am finally home after 15 days away from my own bed! Sure i love the caravan but my own bed is the best!
What have been happening?!

We started of by driving to a city called Celle in Germany. That night Germany became worldmaster in football or something like that so there was firework all night and people was screaming and laughing on the camp site. It was really weird though!

After that we drove to Rüdesheim for the 8th time. Yes. My parents are addicted to that place! I really like the place and i know people there by now and i can go around there without getting lost, but it is a bit boring to be at the same place every summer now that i have an inner Marco Polo that wants to get out and see the whole world.
I did get my parents up in a castle we have only drove by before, Reichenstein. It was really pretty and i really got inspired by being there. Maybe i will do some research and maybe write a something. I don't know yet!

After more than a week in Rüdesheim we were visiting the family in France. They are always really sweet but i don't understand a word of what they are saying! Only one of them are speaking propper danish so it's kind of hard talking with them. Anyways this year i finally got to taste frog! I know it sounds nasty and i had the same feeling at first but i learn to eat snails when i was 12 or something so i have just waited for my family to make some frog for me! I don't know if i liked it though... they say it tastes like chicken but nah... It was not horrible nor great. I can eat it again for sure but it will never be my favorite!

I always like shopping! My mom and dad hates it... but i convinced them to go to Köln a few days so i could go shopping AND sightseeing! I have NEVER seen so many punkers in my life at on place! They were everywhere! And it felt relly good! Even the "normal" people were wearing band T-shirts and i was in heaven! They didn't care that people looked different. When we were eating at this fancy restaurant an old steampunk couple sat next to us and noone looked at them weird! It was amazing! Well maybe my dad but... you know!

It was a great trip! We didn't do much but it was great! The Köln trip was the best even though i think i twisted me shoulder by carring too many bags...  It still hurts like a bitch!
View from Reichenstein. River Rhine.
Guess?? FROG
Kölner dom

Saturday 12 July 2014

5SOS concert tickets - GOT THEM!

I really got them this Wednesday because im a freak and subscribed to their newsmail and got the code for presale, but i GOT THEM!
I was sitting at 10am where they went on sale and the freaking code didn't work at first. All the good tickets were gone when i finally got in. I was so angry at myself for a long time i tell you!!

Today... or tomorrow....well Friday! The rest of the tickets got sold in a few hours after the "real sale" started so im pretty happy with my tickets now that i think of the other shitty places to sit.... yes... SIT.

One does not simply sit down at a concert?! Well maybe if it is acoustic like when i saw Bryan Adams... but this? Really? Im pretty sure im stading up the secound they go on stage...

Also one of my struggles... my camera is too big.. i'm not allow to take it with me! How do i deal with this? It's so frustrating!

Now i will go on vacation and leave you with some fanart by moi!

Tuesday 1 July 2014

Monthly Favorites: June

Best experience: There have been a lot of activities around the campside this month so i will say Karup Å Koncert! Most of the family were there and i met some of my old friends again which was nice! The concert was good as always! So great times!

Favorite movie: I think it was my newest movie in my Tim Burton collection Abraham Lincoln The vampire hunter! It's speciel and the fight scenes are just funny! But also that it is so histoical correct even though it is a supernatural movie. Its great!

Favorite TV-series: This month i started watching Once Apon a time! It's hard to explain what it is about. But basicly it's a town full of people from fairytales but they can't remember that they are from a fairytale because of the evil witch from Snowwhite. But this little boy kind of knows who they are because of a book i found. It was recommended by my PenPal and im really enjoying it!

Favorite song: 5 Seconds of Summer - End up here

Favorite actor: Robert Carlyle! He is playing Rumpelstiltskin in Once Apon A Time and he is so creepy! I can't decide if he is bad or good which makes him more creepy. 

Favorite band/singer: This month 5 Seconds of Summer made their first CD and it is the best! I haven't been listning to anything but them the last... 5 days xD

Favorite youtuber: Cryaotic! He is one of pewdiepies mates and he have the voice of a god *.*  I could hear him talk forever! That's why he also have some storyteller videos. They are so good!!

Favorite youtube video: I found out that a Youtuber named FunForLouis i have been following for some time is friends with one of my old favorite youtubers OlgaKay and she is from Russia. They made this video where they compares animalsounds from Russia and England. A little sidekick from Cyr with japanese. But it's hilarious when they hear what the horse says in japanese and Louis makes the most epic face. I haven't been laughing so much before i think!

Favorite game: I have been playing a lot of Harry Potter lately so yeah! The deathly Hollow part 1 is really great!

Best buy: My new phone! *.*  i have needed that for a while even though the old one wasn't that old :C  It just hated me i think... Actually i borrowed some money form my dad untill my birthday, because i don't really have the money right now. And the Cover i got for the phone! omg i love it so much! 

Favorite tea: Uh hard. I haven't been drinking so much different this month because of the warm weather! But yorkshire tea is the favoirte when im gaming! 

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