Monday, 24 February 2014

Walking Dead

Yes yes now it is my turn to say I FREAKING LOVE WALKING DEAD!!!

A few weeks ago i have only seen Pewdiepie, Cry and other youtubers play the game with Lee and Clementine but i am now seening the TV series and im really in love!

First i thought the walkers was sooo nasty and i was afraid that i would have bad dreams or something, but now im you laughing when the walkers are extra nasty!

But i really like the characters! Even more than i loved the characters in the game!! Especially one! I found myself a old man crush or what you should call it!

I had been seen those "If Daryl dies we riot" shirts everywhere (mostly on youtubers, 'cause they are the people i see the most these days o.o) and never understod them.. but now! I freaking love Daryl!!! He is like the best and i don't know what the series would be like, if he died O.O  He is so hardcore but still so sweet!

Who do not love him?! With his crossbow, motorcycle and now a baby?! STOP IT! MERCY ME!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Song of the day: All Time Low - Lost in stereo

I don't know why i do this to myself, but like when i couldn't t go to the Black Veil Brides concert, i am sitting and listing to All Time Low 24/7 now. It's like i'm trying to make myself feel as bad as possible because i can't go to their concert xD

Anyways.. i have been listning to this song 14 times i a row now and it's here for you to enjoy.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New header! You like it?

Oh boy!  I have cramps in my hand and i'm sitting very uncomfortable but a minute ago i finished my new header! If you have been on my blog before you may see i have changed it a lot! Still need to make a few changes but the header i had before annoyed me with the strong colors, so that was one of the first things i would do my self. With my own hands! Hand.. i only used my left hand to draw... well it depends! I was drinking tea with the right hand! ;----D

The header is clearly inspired by the marauders map from Harry Potter. Not so clearly if you are not a Harry Potter fan but yeah! I downloaded a customized font so it would be as close to the original fant from the marauders map or just something that a Harry Potter fan would recognize from the movie!

If you are not a Harry Potter fan.. What do you think?? It is too much fan based?? Should i make it a bit more personal??

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Creative world map - Help?

So a few weeks ago i bought this world map to my room. It is from TIGER and i have been looking for a poster like this for a while! I really want to travel all over the world and somehow mark on this map where i have been, but i don't know how!
My mom said i could use small sewing pins, but i don't think it is the best idea. I don't know. I really need ideas! I will be pleased if you could leave me some ideas!! PLEASE!

I don't really have room for the poster yet. I have to take some of my old ones down and that is a very hard decision!!!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Concerts i want to go to.. but can't

This is so unfair!
Why is all the fun happening i Copenhagen AND when i have no money?
I know Copenhagen is our capital but the rest of the country does exist too!! We do have concert halls all over the country! Jesus christ spread out a little! Will ya?

21/2 All Time Low is playing in 'Store Vega' and the tickets is only 220DKK !!! But the train ticket to Copenhagen is another price -.-  So i can't go!

17/3 Is it time to a japanese invasion! MIYAVI is freaking coming to Denmark?! Little Denmark?! It is amazing! I have been listing to his music since i was 15 or something and i have never thought it could be possible to get him to Denmark, but again... in Copenhagen... 'Studie 2'.

This is not making my anger against people in Copenhagen smaller.. They get all the best artists >.<

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Tartan look

I don't know anything about fasion! Like.. look at my header ^ i have no idea what im doing
 -Good! now i got that out of my system!
Now i can continue!

I have been obsessed with tartan forever! My first tartan dress (that i remember) i threw out not long ago, was from when i was 12! it was worn and i was keeping it together with safety pins! xD
I still have 2 i can't fit anymore because i lost some weight and 1 i bought last year which is my favorite piece of clothing! My tartan dress is also a bit too big now actually >.<
My bedding is tartan too at the moment and i keep looking at tartan clothes i can't afford anyway because im a unemployed bum!
Look at this beautiful clothes which is just waiting for me to get a job!
The pictures are link

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Nothing to do!

Really! Nothing is happening!

Im just sitting home doing nothing at all. Im lucky if im going for a little shopping trip to the city... well i can't really use any money cause i don't really have that much and i'm desperate to get a job pretty soon!

I have made soooo many applications and been to a job interview but still no job..

I have been at a education congress thingy last week and spoke with some students from the different places i have been thing of studying sooner or later but it just made me more confussed!

I don't know if i want to go to the university anymore.. i was so ready to do it untill i spoke with the guy at the congress! Now im actually considering the international business academy instead!

I still think i want to try out the guide school first. The people i met was really nice and funny, a bit loud, but nice! They were ready to send me to Spain immediately which was cool! But i want to travel first! I want to see some parts of the world i know i'll never get to see if first i get an aducation, a job and a flat! (i don't even dare to think further brrrh!)

It would be easier if i was just good at drawing and i could get my dream job as an animator, but im simply not good enough to get in on the animation workshop. sigh...

I am just one big question mark walking around.. don't know what to do... somebody give me a fucking job! Jesus christ!