Sunday 1 January 2017

Klokkeren fra Notre Dame - the musical

(late i know)
Some time ago my mother and i was invted down to my godmother yet again. That usually mean that she had made something awesome again. My godmother is a costume designer and works for Frederecia Teater most of the time. This year It was "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and i have to admit that it has never been my favorite disney movie because of that simple reason that the Priest Frollo was too scary for little innocent me. And if he wasn't scary in Disney's movie, he certainly was in the musical. It was so much "worse" than in the movie. The actor really nailed it. He was amazing as an evil bastard and the coat he was wearing just made him look really powerful, like a priest was at that time.
Another character that surprised me was Phoebus. I havn't read the original story (a mistake, i know) but in this musical was the brave soldier that ends up with Esmeralda a really really nasty guy that was with every girl in Paris before he falls for Esmeralda. He grabs so much butt! (and i just have to mention that he looks quite like the modern version of Thor. like... wow)
The actor that played Quasimodo had the most amazing voice! Okay, they all sang so good i got goosebumps! But Quasimodo was WOW! Of course he spoke in a harsh voice and spoke with very simple words like he wasn't quite smart but as soon he started to sing!!! Oh my god.
The only charater i didn't feel was Esmeralda. She was a bit off and i wasn't quite happy with her version of "God Help The Outcasts". Even though the movie was never me, God Help The Outcasts has always been one of my favorite Disney songs so i had really high expectations. It just wasn't right.

We had some seats really close to the stage in the right side in Frederecia Teater and i have to say that it was one of the best experiences ever! When you sit so close to the stage it's like you are in the story. The scene it build to fit all around the ones that sit infront so when the cathedral is on fire, there is fire all around you. And the sounds make the ground shake like crazy. The Graphic work on the background was also amazing! We travel through all levels of the cathedral because Quasimodo lives in the attic.It's hard to describe but the trip through the cathedral is so detailed and the view over Paris from the attic is mesmerising. No wonder Esmeralda fell in love with that place.

I am looking forward to the next Disney musical they make. At the moment they are working on a Seebach Musical that i don't think i will see. Maybe if my godmother is working on it, but it is not something i am interested in. The Hunchback of Notre Dame musical is moving on to the royal theatre in Copenhagen this summer 2017. If you have the time and money to go see it, i can only recommend it!!!

Pictures from Frederecia Teater's homepage