Tuesday 29 October 2013

Årets Halloween kager!

Jeg ved jeg normalt ikke skriver på dansk mere, men da det er lidt en tradition på bloggen at jeg laver dette indlæg, så kommer det lige ud på dansk :3

Dette års halloween kager er en smule selvopfundet fordi jeg ikke fandt den helt rigtige kage.
Jeg stjal opskriften på vanilje muffins fra dk-kogebogen, men tilføjede 50-75g chokolade 70%, fordi jeg vidste mine venner har et eller andet med chokolade. (kan ikke huske mængden af chokolade da jeg bare prøver mig frem)
Jeg hældte blå og grøn farvestof i kagerne, men det kan ikke rigtig ses på de færdige kager, med mindre man spiser dem selvfølgelig! :3

Frostingen er lavet af 120g flormelis og 120g gram smør og en lille smule mælk til at gøre det lidt mere medgørlig at smøre ud på kagerne. Jeg havde været forbi Specialkøbmanden i Viborg for at finde noget dekoration til kagerne. Da det er halloween skulle det være lidt dystert, så jeg fik bagformene, farven og krymmel derinde fra, da de simpelthen har ALT til bagning!

Links fra Specialkøbmandens hjemmeside hvor du kan købe det hele og mere til! Det er virkelig vidunderligt at de har valgt at ligge en butik så tæt på hvor jeg bor!
Bone Sprinkel Mix 
Pasta- og frugtfarve
Mufinforme og tilbehørende pynt

Saturday 26 October 2013

Song of the day - Bon Jovi - Hallelujah

I know there is thousand versions of this song, but i really REALLY love Bon Jovi's version of it!
It's not my favorite song even though it's beautiful, but Bon Jovi makes me love it with his rough voice!
(But i still prefer his own rock ballads!)

Friday 25 October 2013

Harry Potter Festival 2013

I realized that i totally forgot to write about this! Really, Helene? Yes... im an idiot...

I have known about this festival for over a year, but i have never been able to go to it because i did not know anyone who lived nearby! Because it is in Odense and that is pretty far away from me. Almost 3 hours in train...
So yeah maybe i took advantage of one of my friends who is now going to the university in Odense ... Thank you i love you! ;-*  (you know i was not there only for the festival!!)

I did not know what to expect! I saw some pictures from 2012 and the roleplay was looking pretty damn good! So i though it would be like going in Hogsmeade or something like that! i though i would be able to buy the candy that JK Rowling described in the books and showed in the movies! I would like to have some real Bertie Butt's beans or the chocolate frogs! I may have though they would sell some real merch... but no...

Most of it was only for children.. like... really small children but i had fun anyway! Mostly because i was visiting my friend, but the end of the weekend with the Harry Potter concert was... AMAZING! As soon i heard the start of Hedwig's Theme... i had a meltdown! Everything from my childhood came back! The joy of seing a new Harry Potter movie or the first time my mother was reading the books for me! Simply magical!
And as my friend said.. when the concert ended and we walk out from the concert hall it was the same empty feeling we had, like when we saw the last movie and came out from the cinema...

Both my friend and i are going around with serious thoughts about being roleplay actors at next years festival! I have a half costume so why not complete it and use it? If i get the chance i'll do it!!

(I stole some of the pictures from one of the girl i was there with! sssh)

House pride!

"No pictures"-sign... pppfh... the concert was not started when i took this picture!!

Professor Pomona Sprout


Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy! And... some Slytherin girl...

Nymphadora Tonks

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Crying girl drawing project

So i have been using... 6 hours+ on this drawing and im actually quite happy with the result!
I don't know why i wanted to draw a crying girl, but yeah... the inspiration just came and i had to do something.
I have never been drawing something like this on computer before.. im kind of proud!
Just a "fun fuct" but i have been drinking over 2 liter of tea while drawing this... im really tired and done... wow..

Slimline widescreen tablet from Trust 
ArtWeaver drawing program

Tuesday 15 October 2013

The house slave got some new stuff!!

Hahah... and the house slave is me... not that im doing much at home, but mom wanted me to clean the bathroom once and for all and it was the most disgusting thing i have ever done... i don't think we have ever cleaned the top of the little closet before and im so sore in my wrists after cleaning it... BUT!
Because of the beautiful result my mom bought me Assassin's Creed 3 Washington Edition!!!
I have only played it a few times before with some friends but it is much better than the first one :o (i jumped from the first to the third even though i have the second one too...)  but the fact that i have to add another account to ANOTHER gaming website is just... argh!
Im just starting getting to like Steam and now Uplay? jesus.. why can't it all just connect to one of them?

But when we went buying the game... for only 50DKK btw!!!!... I need pants! Like seriously... im not a person who cares that much about what i wear anymore... but i have lost a lot of weight the last few years and i only had 3 pair of pants i did not drop when i was walking xD  but now that i ripped one of them i think i had to buy some new ones! I use to wear a lot of black, but i wanted to try something new and bought a pair of green and a pair of purple jeans :3
The fun thing is that its the same kind of pants... from the same company... but two different sizes o.o

And btw... bought this ugly ass skirt a while ago... i don't know what i was thinking but it was on sale, buuuut i can't find a was to style it without looking like a giant! (the picture is taking from the "good side" if you know what i mean xD)

Sunday 13 October 2013

Well well well...

I love writing... not only blogs but novels, short stories and all that. I think many people knows that. But i have never thought that i was very good at it, and well... i know a few people who is extraordinary good at it so i have been writing a lot the last few years to become better, then i discovered Movellas.com. A page where you can publish yours short stories and get response from other young people who also loves to write. I have been on that page for a long time now, but the response on my stories have not been many. Not many have noticed my stuff and i started to realize why.
Movellas is dominated by fan fiction writers and i could see the most popular stories on the front page was all fan fictions.

So yeah... i did something many will hate me for. I started to write fan fictions almost a half year ago... about One Direction... yes...

I know that many.. or.. most of my friends want to throw up as soon they hear the name of that boyband, so i made another user on Movellas to write the fan fictions.
I wrote on my user, that i was not a fan but i wanted to write fan fictions for them and people was nice to me and gave me inspiration which i did not own for a long time before this. i Started writing what people wanted to read and the response was massive, quick and great! And im actually proud to say that one of my stories made it to the front page as the thrid most popular at the month a while ago!
But well.. in the start i got a lot of comments on my stories saying that maybe i should read a bit about the boys before i was writing, because some of the things was very wrong and weird to them... apparently they don't play things like skyrim.. they play Fifa... some kind of football game... Well.. maybe they were right.

So yes i have seen nearly thousand interviews with them and reading other writers fan fictions. Some of them was actually very good! But okay... i enjoy reading stupid romantic stuff and 99.9% of the fan fictions are stupid romantic stuff so of course i liked some of them.

Am i a fan now? I don't know... am i?
I really enjoy reading and writing about them and i don't think i will stop as long someone will read my stories.
But i don't think their music is something special and i will never go to a concert with them.
The posters will never hang on my wall and i don't care about gossip unless it could be great to add in a fan fic.

Still... i felt ashame about all this right from the start. Not just because i wrote what people wanted and not what i wanted, but also because it is so popular to hate today. I hated them because everyone else did. I did not know anything about them, i just hated them.
But now that i (not on purpose in the first place) confesed i am writing fan fictions about them, i remember back in 8. grade when i started being Tokio Hotel fan. It was popular to hate them and every one was teasing me because i liked them, but i did not care in the end, so why should i care now?

I can tell you now, that im proud of my stories and im glad that people like them. More to come if someone gives me new ideas.
If you really want to read them, then let me know somehow. Im still a little shy about my stories and have been very anonymous even for those who have been reading them. The fact that no one knows who i am when i was writing was just so calming. I should not face people who had a comment, but i feel i have to do that now. It was kind of a safezone for me.
I even attended competitions on that user which had nothing to do with fan fictions... just to make sure that no one i know could comment on it :/

And now that it's out.. i can show you another thing... a picture of me trying to do a makeover and i don't think many have seen me with anything else but eyeliner... another safezone totally destryed... you're welcome

Friday 4 October 2013

Damn! Feel like a model!!!

...Not really... but i was at the photographer not long ago and it took ages to get the pictures sent to us, and we don't know why! Maybe it was a hard work at the photoshop to make me look good? No? I don't think they used photoshop, but you will never know! Well... i will never know.

Anyway i really hate getting my picture taken... but here is some of the pcitures... don't laugh please! xD