Sunday 30 November 2014

London - shopping, walking and Christmas spirit

Yet again i was in London for a few days. It was a really spontaneous trip and i forgot to tell a lot of people i was going apparently. When i got home to my precious internet i had a few messages on facebook from people who were confusted about where i was. Sorry about that!

It was a few days of Christmas shopping and just to see how London looked like at Christmas. I was not disappointed but it was still not what i was expecting. I though there would be more decoration in an old fashion style but it was mostly very modern decoration. I think blue is 'in' this Christmas by the way.

 The first day we went to the Cinema to see the third Hunger Game movie Mockingjay in Odeon Cinema Surrey Quays. After that we took a little walk around the house of Parliament, London Eye and ended up at Trafalgar Square. We met a really nice homeless man from Ireland on our walk actually. We just stoped and talked for a bit. I don't really know why.

Second day was Oxford Street and late visit at Hard Rock Cafe. Yet again. I'm there every time i'm in London. I always order the legendary burger because it's legendary good! And i have to mention that they played Black Veil Brides while we were there! Heaven!

The third day we went to see Platform 9 3/4 and i had to buy some Harry Potter books i needed in my collection. 'Fantastic beast and where to find them' and 'Quidditch through the ages'. It was on our way to Camden Town. Still as confusing as always. Then we went to Soho and Chinatown. We both love everything Asian. Manga, anime, culture, you name it! It's a really great and nice place to get lost. Which we do almost everytime we are there... ermh..

It was a great trip! We walked so much that our feet were pulsing at the end of the day. It was a hard time i tell ya!

I will write some more details about the trip later, but this is just a quick overview of what i have been up to the last few days!

Walk to London Eye

Oxford Street

Surrey Quary Shopping Mall
Hamleys toy store

Sunday 23 November 2014

Andorra trip - River rafting

In the middle of my stay in Spain we took a little trip to Andorra. If you don't know what it is, it's a little independent state between France and Spain. They are not a part of EU, but they do have euros. It's kind of strange but yeah. So i can say, that i have officialy been outside Europe!
(And a quick note. Do NOT text or call anyone from there! It is expensive!)

There was a lot of police and security at the border to Androrra. Mostly out of Andorra. It's supposed to be a lot cheaper to shop in Andorra, so a lot of people are bringing too much out of the state, so they have a lot of limitations on how much alcohol, cigarettes and CANDY you can buy. Yes.. Candy.. good lord.  

Anyway, i was not impressed by the prices on the stuff in Andorra. Mostly because i don't care about brands at all. Okay in Computers and IT maybe. But not clothes, jewelry, make-up and all that stuff. I still think it was very expensive, but maybe it's because i don't know what brands use to cost in Denmark or Spain. I only got a shirt with long sleeves because i was really cold and a bit of chocolate there.

But it was also close to the border where we were going river rafting! I do believe it was a olympic training place. We were told so. I was a little afraid of it in the start... River Rafting? Me? No... but then again..

It was really fun! A lot of work for the arms but you can't do anything else but enjoy it! If you ever get that chance to try river rafting. DO IT! For the love of god. And you got to wear this really sexy wet suit... well.. it is a wet suit.. i can't promise you sexy.. in any way.. 

On our way through the pyrenees to Andorra

It does not matter where in Andorra you are. Mountains everywhere! So beautiful!

Maybe not sexy but definitely wet suits... xD

A great picture of the whole crew trying to pull Laura indside the boat again! xD

Saturday 22 November 2014

Port Aventura - amusement park

If you ask me - the amusement parks in Denmark are kind of lame now that im 21 and have been in alost all of them a dozen times before. But in Spain i was finally visiting a amusement park i have never been in before and it was a lot bigger than all of those i have been in before!

Port Aventura - just outside Barcelona - can be seen from afar because of their giant roller coasters. The tallest (Shambhala) is 249 feet (76 m) and i can say.. i was not happy about trying that thing. But my Roommate wanted to try it, so she got her way and i tried it... 3 times. My fear of heights was put to the test but in the end it was pretty fun.
Another ride (Dragon Khan) was with 8 loops.. Again i was tested by my roommate. Not that i was not totally ok with it, but it was not fun in the beginning. I think we ended up in that one.. two times?

Anyway we had an amazing day and the Park was decorated for Halloween and it looked awesome!

Uh uh! And i have to mention.. it was my roommate that got sick and not me! It was her who wanted to go in all the big rides but it was not me who got sick! >: )
Halloween decoration

White Shambhala and red Dragon Khan.

This is how you look in the middle of 8 loops... 

Thursday 20 November 2014

Video about the guide school

Wow don't mind my bad english in this video but i hope my message is clear and gets through!
I hope that i will be making more videos in the future! I really enjoy making them.

Wednesday 19 November 2014

Firewalk - 600 degrees hot coal

So one of the first things we did to get out of our comfort zone at the guideschool. FIREWALK.

We got it presented as walking on 600 degrees hot coal and it was totally not dangerous if we do it right.
So what is the right way to walk on coal?
DO NOT crumb your toes! Then the coal can get stuck under your toes and then you will burn yourself.
Don't go to slow or too fast. I guess i walked a bit too fast and i got burn under my right foot! Only a little blister but enough to make it uncomfortable the rest of the day.

And the last thing... just do it! I didn't think about it at all until after i did it. I was afraid afterwards and started to shake a little. In the end of the coalpath there was a bucket with water and one of our instructors to give a hug. It was needed indeed! There was one who fainted after walking and was carried away. It was crazy to see how different people can react to this experience.

 If you ever get the chance to do it... go for it! I'm glad i did it!

Look at those cold hard faces of me and my roommate Gitte! Grrrh!

Thursday 13 November 2014

Back in Denmark!

Wow it's been a long time since i wrote on this blog and i'm sorry!
But now i'm back in Denmark after the best month in my life at Service & Co guideschool.

I'm not going to lie.. It was crazy hard and i was almost giving up at some point but i had the most amazing roommate that kept me going. Thank you!

The classes was really interesting and the instruktors knew what they were talking about and were funny at the same time! Maybe it was because they were "politically incorrect teacher". They surprised us more than once in that matter. Some of the surpises was fun.. others... not so fun.. at two am..


This month was filled with some fun experience too! Like River Rafting, firewalk, ziplining, trip to amusement park, Barcelona, Andorra and a whole lot of dancing! 
In going to talk a lot more about this when i get the pictures! 

In the end. Now i have an education. Im a guide now! And the whole world can be my workplace from now on! I just need to find out where to go from here. 

I'll cut it here. I'm really sick and have been since two days before i came home. I used the last evening in bed while all the others were partying :C
The morning after we were all crying. We didn't want to go home and we were living shoulder by shoulder so it was really weird to come home where there was nobody. SO there was alot of drying in the airport. It was hard saying good bye to a great roommate even though we don't live that far from each other.