Wednesday 27 August 2014

New in: Tartan and geeky!

I have been really bad at shopping lately.. bad as in.. too much i think.
Anyway! If you know me you will know that i really like tartan clothes and i use my red tartan skirt (from H&M) as often as possible. So when i was in Odense visiting some friends i found the skirt in blue/green and i just had to get it! *.*  They didn't have it in my size though so i bought it in a size too big. 

To stay with the tartan clothes i found these cool tartan leggings in Danish Factory Outlet! You get 3 for only 100DKK which is pretty cheap! They are very comfy and warm. You can get them on their website, but i guess the red ones are sold out. I am a EU size 38 and i got them in a S/M. 

And now for the geeky part! I can now add another piece of merch to my Harry Potter collection! I found this really cool sweatshirt with the hogwarts logo on ebay on an auction! It was only 20$!! I was so happy i found it *.*

I personally don't know if tartan is "in" right now but i love it! 

Thursday 21 August 2014

Accessories - Birthday presents

Even though it's kind of a long time since it was my birthday i have something extremely cool things to show you! I use to keep my accessories to a minimum by only wearing a few rings or something discreet like that so i don't stand out as much as i use to when i was cough*emolike*cough. But why hide? why not just go crazy sometimes?

THIS belt! Was a gift and it was kind of a bitch at first because it have to sit on specific place or else your hips looks gigantic enormous! Well i may be a little bigger than many of you but i think it work in the end after i placed it around me for the 100th time or something.

Okay you can laugh but if you are a nerd THESE socks are freaking cool okay?! I don't know what to match with these socks yet but i'll find a way to style them! Im waiting for my Hogwarts Sweatshirt to come so maybe they will match perfectly! House Pride! They will definitely make me stand out xD

Monday 18 August 2014

My 21th birthday

It has been a long week now that both me and my dads birthday is over!
We have birthday only two days apart so for his birthday we invited the family over and i was in the kitchen the whole day before baking 3 cakes and it was crazy. 
He wanted two nougat pies but i wanted to try a strawberry cheesecake so yeah.

On my birthday though we went to a Chinese restaurant where the birthday girl/boy can eat for free! Yesss! 

Another of my friends had birthday the same day as my dad so i was at her place in this week too and she made two cakes as well. 

I had a small birthday party this weekend for some of my closest friends and they brought a cake as well so this week has been filled with cake with cake and a hint of cake. I don't want to eat cake in a long time now... wow...

Anyway i got some really nice giftes! beside a lot of money i got i few things to unwrap even though i just turned 21. 

Funny detail! The purse is made by my uncles girlfriend! It's really cool *.*

I'll do a update later with these pencils because they have been on my wishlist for sooo long!
Birthday outfit! My dad hated the ears but my grandma though they were cute so meeeh!  :C
Dress from H&M

Friday 8 August 2014

Computer drawing skills - Level up!

Just for the fun of it i made a collage of some of my drawing i made 2012, 2013 and now 2014. All three is made with the same program Artweaver and drawn on my Trust widescreen slimline tablet. (links)
I really think i have improved the last few years.
The 2014 one is not finished!

Thursday 7 August 2014

Classic nails

I really love everything about nails! Except if they break... but i really like having beautiful nails, and i do a lot to keep them!
I never go anywhere without a nail file if a nail should break i can fix it really fast. And if im sleeping at someone elses house i always have some kind og harding top coat with me so it does not break so easy. Just a few good tips! 

Anyways, i want to show you some of my new stuff for my nails!

As you can see on the picture i really like the brand Essence. I do believe it's a German brand but it's super cheap but it's some really good products! I have at least 20 of their nail polishes. The one i uses the most is the one you see in the middle. The pro white nail hardning polish. It's making your nails stronger and whiter at the same time so i bought a new one of those. The gel creme is for the skin around the nails because it can easily get dried out in the winter or if you uses a lof of nail polish remover.

I did get a few things for nailart even though i haven't done that in a long time. I really like it but it is hard work to keep it so if you har busy it's easier to do a natural look with a white polish.
On the picture below im wearing the white polish to the left from Rivel de Loop which i can't really recommend! I only had it on for a day before it looked horrible so i did another layer before taking the picture.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Helthier Oatmeal Balls

Yesterday i came home from a few days with my friend Maja and wanted to make a little something for my parents. I was home alone all last week so i haven't really seen them since we came home from vacation o.o

Oh well. A girl i know have this reeeally good blog and she is sooo good at baking as well. So i tried one of her recipes and both my mom and i think these oatmeal balls are good! Basiclly they are helthier because you make them with banana instead of butter. 

HERE is the recipe! It's really easy!!

Tuesday 5 August 2014

Cologne/Köln Shopping

As always i go crazy (well i think i do) when im in any big city. When im with my parents we always end up splitting up so they can go out and get a drink or something while im shopping.
Köln was awesome! There was quite a few awesome stores but i have been shopping a bit too much lately (especially clothes) so i tried to keep my purchases at a minimum.
1. I made a big deal out of not forgetting my sunglass at Majas the week before my vacation.. but guss who forgot them anyway? So i bought two new pairs because my eyes were dying.
2. I have been in 4 different Hard Rock Cafes (Berlin, Prague, London and now Cologne) but i have never bought anything in their shops for myself. So finally i got a sweatshirt which i think i will love when it get colder!
3. Tartan! Do i have to say more? Bought in France though :3
4. The cutes sucks ever *.*  i just had to buy them and i think they look cool with my Underground London platforms!

1.Yes now it's my turn to read The Fault In Our Stars. I got the english version of it and i'll get started with it as soon im done with Divergent!
2. Earrings for my Helix piercing. it's not healing so well so i can't wear them yet, but i just had to buy these!
3. Earphone splitters! instead of sharing one pair of headphones and then it sounds awful because it's stereo, then you can use this and both hear wonderful music *.*  i like these kind of brilliant inventions!!! 
4. A little scrapbook and photocorners. I just need to get started on it now. Cause i have collected quite a few thing i want to put in scrapbooks.

Saturday 2 August 2014

Things are happening on DeviantArt

I used a lot of my vacation to sit the shadow on my yogamat because it was too hot to be in the sun... simple!
So i was smart enough to take all my drawing tools with me! Almost everything i made this summer is on DeviantArt now and it will mean the world to me if you would take a look on some of my drawing! If you are on DeviantArt yourself we can trade a watch? Just leave a comment!

Friday 1 August 2014

Monthly Favorites: July

I haven't been active on here the last month and i'm sorry about that, but most of the time i have been in Germany on vacation and in France to visit my family and that was without the holy internet.

Best experience: Even though im no much for admitting it, i really loved seeing my family in France. I only see them one time a year. Last year i didn't even see them! It was crazy to see how big my cousins are now! The oldes is suddenly taller than me! The smallest one is stille freaking adorable!!! And he kissed me on the cheek all the time and awww!!! *.* 

Favorite movie: Just to be the dane i am i have to say the fourth show from Ørkenens sønner. I saw it yesterday with my friend Camilla and it have been long time since we both saw it but we could remember pretty much every line in the whole show xD  I'm glad we were alone cause i think every other person would find it annoying 

Favorite TV-series: Viaplay just updated and now have Scrubs! I loved that series a few years back so im started to watch a episode now and then when im bored

Favorite song: 5 seconds of summer - Out of my limit 
It's so hard choosing one song out of so many! If im alone i listing to music 24/7. But my new obsession is 5 seconds of Summer soooo.

Favorite band/singer: Bowling for Soup! When im drawing i always have my computer next to me with music and Bowling for Soup's album The Great Burrito Extorion Case is almost always on repeat when im not listning to 5sos. 

Favorite youtuber: CinnamonToastKen. I don't know why but he is just great! And he have the cutest dog he named Betty Brutal. It's perfect!

Favorite youtube video: Just because of Ashtons face. 

Favorite game: A game i found a few month back in Germany called The settlers! It's so simple but i can use sooo much time on it. 

Best buy: I hope that it will be the 5sos concert tickets! I still don't know if i can go because i don't know if i have work at that time.

Favorite tea: Feel good Blueberry white icetea*.* It's summer and it's hot so the only tea i have been drinking is icetea. Well beside some "schwarzer Tee" in Germany. Only ONE restaurant we went to knew what a Cylon tea was... all the other places it was just "schwarzer Tee" .... serve some real tea god damnit... The German schwarzer tee is like Medova tea in Denmark.. it's not very good :C