Saturday, 18 October 2014

Dear readers....

.If you have been reading my blog, you know that i'm in Spain right now at the guide school in Pineda De Mar near Barcelona. The school is really cool and good but also really stressful so i can't update that much until after im home again.

So this blog will maybe be silent until November! I really want to tell you guys about everything im doing down here, but so much is happening every day, that i simply can't keep it down to a few lines and pictures. We are in action from 8am to 22.30pm everyday so alot can happen! 
(In the other hand.. the internet is really bad here, so i can't upload too many picutres anyway!)

Hope you understand and want to hear more about the guideschool in November! 


Friday, 10 October 2014

Service & CO: the first few days

One thing i have to say.. i should not sit here and write this. I don't really have any free time and we just got a book we have to read really quick too but i just want to make a quick update.

The hotel is super great and i don't think i could get a better roommate so that is nice!
It is a really big challenge for me to be here because there is so many situations i really hate but i think it's healty for me to try becuase i wish i could be like many of the others and could be this really funny and energetic guide there is a super preformer, but i'm not.

We had the microphone in the hand from day 1 and i have never been forced to be this social before in my life (only child problem) so having a roommate is really new and being forced to talk this much in group work is still not something i enjoy, but all the personality lessons we have had in the start makes people accept my shyness on a level i have never experienced before! It's crazy how people i normally never would talk to are just so open and nice to me.

Anyway, the lessons is extremely secret for us, so we still dont know what we are doing tomorrow and the day after. It is kind of a surprise to us every day. Which is really hard for me when im a C person. (And im sure this dosn't make sence if you don't know what DiSC is.)

And in the end.. here is some pictures!

Monday, 6 October 2014

Den blå planet - Copenhagen

So today is my last day in Denmark, now that i'm going to the guideschool tomorrow morning.
I have been in Copenhagen all day and my hotel is really close to the airport, which is nice, but also to the  new aquarium Den blå planet that opened in 2013 (in english; The Blue Planet).

It is really big and is divided into different parts of the world depending on where the fishes are from. On different times at day they show how they feed the different fishes and what they eat. We saw them feed the sharks in the biggest basin where you could stand underneath them in this corridor. It looks so good when a huge stingray swims just above you! It looks like they are smiling :)

They also had a indoor rainforest with a lot of red piranhas. You could see them be fed but i didn't stay to see it because i was there at noon and they would first be fed around 4.30pm or something.

I also saw the biggest otter i have ever seen! Sadly it was outside and now that the weather isn't so good in Denmark in fall and 'den blå planet' is right by the sea the wind was crazy and i feared that my beanie would fly away.

In the evening we ended up at Cafe Le Perr which was close to the hotel too and the food there was really good! I really need to take some pictures in some of the places i visit but i can just say that their salmon is really great!

Im sorry if my english is bad in this post, but this is being written really quick now that i have to get up pretty early tomorrow and the internet on the hotel is btw shit! The bed is really good though.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Nature phenomen: 'Sort sol' in southern Jutland

On our way back from Flensborg the other day we stopped to eat dinner in Aventoft. We have been in Aventoft quite a few times before. They have a good restaurant and not many knows the place so the stores are not filled with people like the bigger boarder shops.

We normally drive to Germany in the summer so this time was a bit different. Hundreds of people gathered just outside the restaurant. My mom remembered that it was the saeson for 'sort sol' which is a nature phenomen you only see in very northern Germany or Southern Jutland.
Aventoft is not even a kilomet from the boarder so these people were standing in Germany and watching the starlings gather in Denmark in a very small area and fly like a wave in the wind. It looks amazing! We finished eating really quick to come outside to see Sort sol.

Bad quality, but you can get an idea of how the birds move together.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

1 day trip to Flensborg

So yesterday i took a Spontaneous trip over the border to Germany to visit Flensborg.
This time it was not only for shopping like many danes do, but just to relax and walk around a little.

We went there around noon and the city was full of like even though it was Thursday. We found a restaurant/cafe, in the end of the shopping street Großen Strasse, called Cafe Central. It was pretty big and i'm sure it is a place to party in the weekend. All the tables outside were taken so we had to sit inside. The dishes were classic german food but not the best i have had. If i have to eat german food at noon i usually go for fish, because it's not too heavy a dish, but it tasted more like butter it was fried in, than actually fish.

I really liked their shopping street and the shopping center Flensburg Galarie. I found one of my favoirte stores called Saturn. It's a huge electronic store with a lot of DVD's, CD's and games.
Also i found this really geeky store at Großen Strasse called Gandalph. It was filled with books, merch and mangas! My geeky heart was bleeding because it was all in German and even though i do understand german, i only read books in English or Danish.
Near the big church in town there was a litlle flea market. Mostly old people trying to sell old porcelain and vinyls but very charming!

One thing i have always loved about Germany is the many Eis-cafés! They have every kind of ice creme you can imagine and i can't understand why it's not a thing in Denmark. When im in Germany in the summer im going to a eis-cafe at least one time every day!

Großen Strasse
Flea market
Saw this Charming little pug making good advertising for a glasses store!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Monthly favorites: September

Best experience: The day were my and me friend Ayla went to a Chinese restaurant we have been talking about for ages to visit. It was kind of a see-you-later-day now that im going to Spain. When we got home we were supposed to play Sims but Steam had a big sale and we ended up buying a new game we played for 10½ hour in a single day... 

Favorite movie: Grown ups 2! I didn't know what to expect but it has some definitely have some hysterical funny moments! If you are going to see it, then keep your eyes on the busdriver dressed like Boy george! 

Favorite TV-series: Awkward just started again! Lets see if Jenna ends up with Matty again again.. again!

Favorite song: Sum 41 - Fatlip.

I have this periode with.. that kind of music.. i don't know.. but nothing is better than Sum 41, Blink 182, All Time Low, Bowling for Soup and 5sos right now! 

Favorite band/singer: Tokio Hotel just started making music again so i'm existed to hear the new album to come out! It's not like the old Tokio Hotel but i still don't know what to think about it. I think i need the whole album before i say any more but they definitely changed.

Favorite youtuber: DanIsNotOnFire! It's nice to know that there are people out there more awkward than me! :D

Favorite youtube video: As a fangirl i have been reading a lot of fanfics about everything possible. So this is gold for me! BBC Radio 1 found a fanfic about Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom and got their hands on the actor playing Neville (Matthew Lewis) and made him act out this fan fiction with one of their employees.

Favorite game: The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
This was the game me and my friend Ayla ended up playing for a few hours.. ups... Im not the biggest Lord of the Rings fan but im starting to enjoy it a lot now that there is so many good games based on the story!

Best buy: The second ebook in the Divergent trilogy! Im starting to fall in love with that series! The movie is not so good though. 

Favorite tea: Lemon tea from pickwick! It's really fresh and tea that makes you think of summer instead of the winter that are welcoming us pretty soon! 

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