Tuesday 24 September 2013

The Lord of the Rings Online game!

So i have been using too much time on playing this online game with Ayla in the last few weeks xD
We have no idea what we're doing most of the time, but its actually really funny!
We are not very serious when we are playing and these screenshots shows it pretty well....
(click the picture to make them bigger)

Saturday 21 September 2013

Haarkreide - Hair crayon

I don't know how to translate it from German to English, but i found this amazing product when i was reading a German magazine online, Bravo.de.
This is simply crayon you can dye your hair with o.o  It will last untill you wash it, and then you can take a new color the next day!
After seeing some videos, i can tell that you need a straighteners on top of the crayon after dyeing it, but it looks better than extensions!

And the problem with dark hair and hairdye does not exist! you don't need blond hair!
I'll love to try it some day!
You can see videos and information about the product on the link if you want to read about it yourself, but it is in german, just so you know!

Friday 6 September 2013

FOUND IT! Yorkshire tea!

I think im the only one around that can be so excited about tea, but i have been looking for this tea for a while!
I don't know why, but my dad skiped across some sport channel (why do we even have that?) and saw some football, or soccer if you want to be difficult, but on some of the players shirts that was a advertising sighn saying "yorkshire tea."
I have never hear about a football team be sponsored by tea before xD  and i still don't know who they were because i was not really paying attention, but i looked up the tea and i became curious about this tea because it looked sooo british, if you can say that?

But we do not really have this special kind of tea in Denmark... so i though!!
I have been looking around the internet and thinking about buying it online and make then send it to me here in Denmark, BUT when i was in one of the big supermarkets, Frost Super Best, i found this little area and they had a british/american market and OF COURSE i found my tea! And there was only one left!
I paid 55DKK for it.. a bit more than 7€, but i think it was worth it!

It has 80 teabags and they are for more than one cup each! Or else you will have a very strong tea!
I got the classic which is a strong black tea as i like it! Yey!