Tuesday 29 April 2014

Bananapancakes at 2am - what can go wrong?

I have to say i was a little tired but i didn't want to go to bed. I was home alone and kind of bored. And hungry!
I Asked my friend if it wound be crazy to make pancakes at 2am.. or it was 1.30 at first.
She replied: No, not if they are blue or green...
WELL! You don't have to say that twice.

Recipe on danish HERE! Well.. and add food color to add the fun yey!

Saturday 26 April 2014

Extremely annoying little birdy!

So for the last week we have had this little bird going crazy at our window. It seems that it can see it's own reflection in the window and keeps fighting the other bird in the reflection.. but it's really annoying when it starts as soon the sun comes up and ends when the sun goes down so the window can't reflect the bird anymore.

But i got this briliant idea. I could place something scary right on the other side of the window. What could it be? Well i have this figure of Harry Potter. Maybe it would help! Well it did.. a half day or something. So my mom got really pissed and found my old toy cat and places it in the window xD  Now there is no bird around our house... at all... xD

Tuesday 22 April 2014

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Test time!

I found my old calender i used to write down my homework in 8 or 9 grade. I can't remember but it is filled with a lof of girly stuff like makeup tips and the classic tests like in the teen magazines.
I found one i didn't answer back then and maybe you want to join me?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
1. Do you play the lottery?

a. Yes it is exciting!
b. I have done it a few times.
c. no never!
I have actually done it a few times when i turned 18 because i was legal and there was a ridiculous lot of millions in the game! So B.

2. Do you often complain?

a. I don't want to waist my time on that.
b. Sometimes. like when it have been raining for weeks.
c. Well yes. But the sky is gray quite often
Well i like complaining xD  not like "this food sucks" because i have manners but i do complain about my look all the time. But i just think that is a girl thing? Or maybe it's just me. But it is not all the time so B.

3. There is a vote in your class for something you really want but someone else gets choosed instead.

a. Good for you! I'm happy for you.
b. maybe it's my turn text time.
c. Typical!
Well i think im B here too. Because i would be kind of sad if it was something i really wanted to do, but i would not say anything. Maybe act like A, but be a little disappointed inside.

4. Do you believe some are born lucky and som a born unlucky?

a. I have never thought about it, but i do believe im quite lucky.
b. nope. It has something to do with your attitude.
c. yes and im born unlucky.
Sometimes i think im the most unlucky person in the world.. like when your stalker suddently appears after years of being forgotten.. But well.. im lucky enough that it i not every day! So im boring and says B again i think.

5. Your friend gets the guy you like.

a. I'm happy for her! He is totally hot and they look great together.
b. Well.. i  think im happy for her?
c. Fuck her! He was mine.
Well i would have seen C because fuck her xD  but im too shy to do anything about it anyway. So i would be bitter.. but then be happy for her because she can do something i can't. So something between A and B.

A's: 7 black cats and 5 smashed mirrors would not scare you. You are born optimistic.
B's: You are just a realist. You have your bad days and you have your good days.
C's: You can almost see the gray cloud above your head. The whole world is against you! You pessimist.

Oh well.. comment what you got? xD

Tuesday 15 April 2014

Why do you want to be a travelguide?

Many who knows me, have been asking me about this. I have been talking about working with computers and maybe being a mediagrafiker for years but the last few year it has changed. Not that i don't want to work with computers, cause i still like it a lot! But i have this idea, that i want to be a travelguide.
It doesn't seem like a thing i would do or can do, so why?

Well i have been hiding for too long now! Really! When i started in 10. grade i quickly got less depressed or what we should call it. I found out how closed i was. Like i didn't want to raise my hand 'cause i was afraid to say anything i class and if the teacher chose me to answer og read out loud from a text, i got all shaky and sweaty. yeah...
But 3 years in Gymnasium did not change that! I really wanted to change that cause me grades was affected by it and not in the good way! I have explain my shyness sooo many times to the teachers that kept asking me why i didn't say anything in class cause me assignments showed i could and bla bla.. and im really sad about it, 'cause i don't want to be shy! I really wanted to say something and get some good grades but every time in class im stuck in these thoughts!

"You know the answer Helene! Just raise your hand! Now! Before anyone else do it! But what if it is wrong? God that would be embarrassing. I don't want to look stupid. But i think it's right?" And then the question has been answerd ages and i am pissed at myself afterward becuase it was the right answer i had.

Now that the gymnasium is over and half of my grades are shit, i can't stop thinking about how much i suck. I really want to be able to stand in front of a bunch of people without shaking and just talk my mind.
So i found the guideschool Service&Co. As a guide and on this school you can't just hide. You have to stand i front of people and talk becuase they count on you! You know something about the place you are, that they don't know, and you have to stand in front of them all and tell them. You need to take the lead and you are the only one who knows where to go! I simple can't escape the situation and i guess that if you are in the situation often enough you get use to stand in front of people and talk and eventually you stop shaking and sweating when you do it!

I really hope i can overcame myself and book that flight to Spain so i can get rid of this stupid fear! I think i might go in October if i dare! Just the thought of it makes my heart race!

Face the challenge - go for your dreams

Wednesday 9 April 2014


I don't know if im the only one who is totally crazy with kigurumis?!
It may be for weirdos (me) but i really love them and i guess it's because i really want to cosplay, but i don't really have the time or the materials to make costumes? or maybe im just lazy idk...
But a kigurumi is the easy way out and they are so so so adorable!!! There is so many cute ones and i don't know which one i want, if im going to buy one! *.*

Thursday 3 April 2014

DIY: Jeans to overalls shorts!

So i wanted to do this for a long time and i finally did it! I have too many jeans i don't use anymore because of my weight loss so why not make something out of them instead of throwing them out?

I got the legs of them at the same length as my favorite shorts +3cm to sewing the edges up as a detail.

The upper part is a piece of one of the legs and i used a part of the other leg as the suspenders. It was not long enough though so i had to sew a piece of the leftovers from the other leg in the end of the suspenders but it dosen't look so bad i think :3

But if you want to make them yourself then remember to measure up because it will end up like a disaster o.o

Btw! the button thingy in front is named overall buckles on ebay ;-D got mine at the local hobby store though

Fun fact! The buttons is from when i was a scout xD  you get a "meeting button" every half year
if you have been to the meetings every week without missing one! I was a total geek and had too
many of them, so i had 4 that could not be on my uniform because it was full!!!

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Monthly Favorites: March

Best experience: My best friends birthday "party". She got a day off on her birthday so i took moms car all the way to the other side of Denmark (almost) and out in the middle of nowhere (cause that's where she lives) so she could get her present and i got some pie! yey 
Or maybe it was my day out with the two handsome girls Maja and Lonnie where we got us some holes in our bodies!... NOT IN THAT WAY... Piercings you perv.. omg

Favorite movie: I don't really see that many movies o.o  omg... well the TV is on all the time, but it's my dad watching Crime documentarys and action movies so i'm sitting with my computer instead. But the Hangover movie where they were in Thailand was pretty good. Even though i haven't watched the other Hangover movies xD

Favorite TV-series: Well yet again i have to say Walking Dead cause that's the only series im really watching right now xD  not even a single episode of something else! ONLY Walking Dead!

Favorite song: I have found these australian lads called 5 seconds of summer and they came out with a musicvideo a week ago or something and it's really good!! Really like the song She Looks so Perfekt!

Favorite actor: I guss a favorite actor have to be someone you have been seing lately so i'll say Andrew Lincoln, the dude playing Rick in Walking Dead! Just because he talks funny :D

Favorite band/singer: Ronald Keating! My mom have been listing to him for a very long time but i found a few songs from him this month i really liked and have been listing too non stop! (playing She Looks so Perfekt in between) He has a really great voice! 

Favorite youtuber: CollegeHumor. I don't think it's one person, but it is a youtube channel and they have some really good sketches and point-of-view videos i guess everyone can enjoy. 

Favorite youtube video: It's sad to say, but my favorite video is this one. Ray William Johnsons very last episode of  =3 (equals three)! It's sad that he don't want to make that "show" anymore, cause i have been watching every single on of them! But okay... he have been making it for 5 years, maybe it was a little boring to him in the end.

Favorite game: Uuuh! Dead Island! When i got the game i was sooo afraid of playing it cause the zombies was scary but now i guess im used to the zombies? I have been watching too much Walking Dead wow... But it's not really scary anymore but really funny :3 (it's on sale on Steam for 5€ untill 4/4!!!)

Best buy: My minty green skirt from this post. I was wearing it for my moms birthday.. and my friends birthday.. i have been wearing it a lot lately actually.. i really love it!

Favorite tea: The Victorian Lemon Tea from Milliennium Teas. It's a Ceylon tea - one of my favorites of all time - with lemon! So it's not a fruit tea like most of you know it, but a Ceylon tea with a twist! Can't find it online though.. but they have it a few times a year in Rema! Imported by Fredsted.

Majas monthly favorites here.