Wednesday 19 June 2013

Blog challenge day 8: Your coolest obsession

Well... this one i a tough one... because im a person who is not only fan of or likes anything. When i find something i think is.. the best thing in the world... i become obsessed with it!!

There is a lot of music i have or am obsessed with, but there is one thing... ONE THING... i cant escape from...
Im a potterhead!! And a proud one of the kind xD
Im sure that most people have read the books.. like... those who have not...  >: (

When im absent or just sitting in my own imagination i may be on Hogwarts.. i don't know! MAYBE!
And i RPG on a web Hogwarts with other freaks xD  i found my pack :')

I have kind of a little collection of Harry Potter things and... yeah.. just watch and :O

My Shirt from the Elbenwald store in Berlin

Newest fund! Poster from a random poster store in Copenhagen!
10 DKK!! o.o
The books ofc

The DVDs!! ALL in 2 disc special edition! Because.. yeah

Well i think everyone have played one of the games once, right?
Here is everyone of them + a quiddich game xD
One of my freaky things. I kind of have.. one seat in the cinema i HAVE TO have,
when the movies came out xD Some of them were on the premiere day,
but if i could not get my seat on the premiere day, i just waited.. :3
A copy af xenophilius lovegood necklace bought on Ebay :3
Some games i play on DS yes yes! 
I have some quiz-books and sticker books and other stuff somewhere in my room... but i don't want to find them right now xD  they can be anywhere, and my room is kind of big...

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