Tuesday 5 April 2016

Teambuilding at FIU

While we were in Miami we went to a teambuilding exercise that i honestly think that we should have had in the start of out trip.
It was out at the FIU as well and was right by the sea. They had us do a lot of different tasks you could only do if you were working as a team. You were forced into communicate with people you didn't really know and ask for help or listen to a stranger.

We had tasks where we had to do it without speaking and only use our body language. We had to make a huge "ship" balance so it didn't tip over with any of us.
The instructors challenged us on time in many different physical tasks and i can tell you that my legs hurt so much after that day. The fact that we lived on seconds floor at the hostel was killing me. But i have to say, that there was not a challenge we didn't complete! We were quite awesome!

In the end of the day we had to climb. Many from our class was dying a little inside when they saw the "tower" when we arrived at the place. I am very glad that i'm not afraid of hights because our journalist had a Go Pro camera with her that she placed on my head so i could film my whole journey up the tower. I hope her video will be released at some point because the view was amazing up there. Something that wasn't too fun was to be the one on the ground that has to hold on tight so the person climbing didn't fall down. You get a pretty serious wedgie when they have to get down and you have to put in your weight against theirs.