Monday 24 June 2013

Blog Challenge day 13: Your worst habit

I don't know what to choose xD  not that i have some habits that is super disgusting but just... many weird that people always have to comment!!

I LOVE tea! And i go to Søsterne Grenes just for beeing in the smell of tea and soap and stuff!
When i see those boxes with loose tea where you can take the small shovel and take what you want, i have to smell it! Like... go over and lift up the lid and just breath in xD  i love the smell of tea ok?! o.o

Or maybe its the fact that i have a very bad memory.. it is not always i remember that i tould a story to someone before xD  so i can tell the same story to the same people day after day.. imagine how i will be when im old! o.o  oh my...

Or maybe its my obsession with dogs. I can't walk pass a dog without patting it o.o  Because.. they are sooo sweet and soft and fluffy and dfjgsdizfv!! I really want to have a dog myself :(  but my mom is kind of afraid of them and says that i would never leave the house if i had one, because it will look at me with those puppy eyes who says "don't leave meeee" and then i can't leave it and... stuff :((
And my dad likes boxers because he had one when he was little names Sita.. So IF we could have a dog, it should be a boxer named Sita... no thanks >.<
I want something fluffy like... THIS
Berner sennen <3

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