Sunday 28 December 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry late Christmas!
I have been totally lazy the last few weeks. Only though about Christmas, shopping presents and baking.
I have had a pretty nice Christmas eve with the family over and excited over that "let it go" from Frozen got a place in the classic Disney Show on TV. Even though my friend hate it! HA!

Beyond that i have tried to figure out what to do after summer. I'll try to search som guidejobs and sign up for some different Computer-related educations. So i have something to do until i find out what else to do in life. Wow.. that was deep...

Anyway have a awesome new year!

Yes i finally got a red panda kigurumi :D i have a tail o.o

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Disney audition: How it went

I am a little late with this post, but i thought i would share with you guys how it went to the disney audition.

Well i would maybe have made this post a bit sooner if i actually got the part. So yeah. I didn't get it but, oh my, it was a funny experience!

The not so fun part of it, was that we had to wake up at 4am to get to the train station. One of my friends could not make it, so we were only two. It was a bit hard to find for someone who didn't live in Copenhagen. The only few times i have been there was for concerts, so finding a dance hall is.. well a challenge. The huge sign didn't do it for us and we had to ask for the direction and the man just pointed to the other side of the road... Well done Helene! 

Anyway we found it and was standing in line to get measured and got our numbers. We had to fill out some information and put our number on our shirt.
There is 2 rounds where they pick out a few people. The first was some sort of movment/acting. We should act like cowboys, pirates, a dwarf from snow white, a disney villain and a princess/prince. It was all really weird but you got a great laugh out of it. 

I didn't make it to 2th round where you have to show your danceskills. Lucky for me! I didn't dress for dancing now that i didn't think it was everyone that had to dance because they wrote dancing/non dancing characters. 

We had a lot of time in Copenhagen afterward so we did a bit of Christmas shopping and enjoyed a day on Strøget. 

I have to say that the day before we went to the cinema to see the last Hobbit movie. At the premiere day! Gitte is a total geek (like me eh) and that explains the perfect picture of a giant poster we found in Copenhagen.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

My Disney audition

This is about one of the most crazy things that i will ever do in my life. Well.. at least for now.

I am actually going to an audition to be a Disney character at Disney Land Paris! I don't know why i am doing this, but it is so crazy and unlike me to do this, that i just have to do it!
I'm going to try for a part as Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

The last week i have been working on the dress for this audition and i have never made anything like this before. I have made a few teddy bears or so, but not a dress. I made it without template so i had to cut a few cm of the skirt part, becuase i am apparently really bad at math... But i made it and im proud of myself.

I am going to the audition the 11th so wish me luck! Because i have no idea about what im doing or going to do. They don't really tell you anything.
Im crazy nervous!

Monday 8 December 2014

Christmas video from London

Im not the best photographer when it comes to things like this. I'm sorry! 
But i think you should see how pretty London is at Christmas and there is a lot of video from Winter Wonderland!

Sunday 7 December 2014

Winter Wonderland in London

The main reason we were in London was to see Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.
We had heard it was really pretty and magical here in the cold and we just had to see it!

The first attempt to go there failed. We were simply too late and when we got there people were leaving in big numbers and were overflooded the Underground near by. We had to wait a long time to actually get a table at Hard Rock Cafe, so we didn't make it to the other side of Park Lane in time. It's so close though! Haha

Anyway it was HUGE! (second time we were lucky hihi) I have never seen so much Christmas at one place! Stalls with so many different kinds of food and christmas sweets. There were rollercoasters as big as in the stationary amusement parks in Denmark. Here they build them only for use in 1½ month and removes them again. It's crazy!

We only went there at night so you could see all the christmas lights and don't really see the grey sky and the puddles around the place. They were there of course but you were only seing the beautiful decoreated trees and stalls and everything!

If you are going to visit Winter Wonderland this year or next year, remember to find a stell where they sell "Tokens". It's the way to pay anything in there if you want to try the rollercosters or ice skating etc.

I'll put a few extra pictures in this post than i normally do. So you can see how big and beautiful it was!
Some pictures are taking by my friend Ayla :3

Angel's Christmas Market


Ice skating.

Huge rollercoster!

Ice sculpture kingdom.

Ferris wheel in Santa Land! (Not London eye. hah!)