Monday 29 September 2014

One week to go!

Im going to Spain in a week! How crazy is that?
Im already starting to pack my suitcase and find everything i need. I have been shopping a lot of sports clothes because im not the best at running or going to the gym. If i want to exercise i swim like i always has done. 

I don't feel good about it right now. The whole idea of me alone in Spain without any of my family or friends seems crazy to me right now. It's a bit like my first class trip to Berlin. I had no friends in my class and even though we had been in the same class for over a year, some of them still called me Helena even though my name is Helene. They didn't even knew my name... i was pretty much alone or people was forced to be with me. It's the same feeling i have now. What if im going to be a loner? I don't know anyone else down there! At least the second time i was in Berlin i had my new class which i loved and i made so many good memories!
But then again.. How big is the chance that all 150 students in Spain will hate me? Im sure at least one will remember my name correctly right?!

God why am i always so negative? Expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised! That use to save my ass but until i reach the positive i just want to cry sometimes.

Anyway i met a girl working in Sports Master today and her friend has been at the guide school and she absolutely loved it. She wanted to go too, but she didn't have the money yet. My driving Instructor also had a student that just came home from the guide school and she said it was the best time of her life. I just have to think about that! 

Stop being so god damn negative Helene! Get over yourself and enjoy the Roller Coaster called life! 

Still a mess but i have my papers and mini dictionary ready! 

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Visit Viborg

Today i was a tourist in my own town! My mom had to go to some early meeting so i thought i would go with her into Viborg "downtown" and explore the city like i have never done it before.

Viborg use to be a place i only go for shopping, because the shopping streets are pretty damn good! But i totally forget that Viborg is one of the oldest cities in Denmark and it's pretty charming if you take a look around. 

In the old part of town around Viborg Cathedral you can still find timbered houses in the middle of the city and other old buildings like High Court of Western Denmark. The streets are still made of cobblestone which makes it really annoying to drive around in the old part of town, so i suggests that you park the car in one of the many parkinglots around downtown and take a walk around. 

The Cathedral is placed close to the two lakes in Viborg. Nørresø og Søndersø. Near the lakes is the city park Borgvold. It can be translated to something like Castle Moat. Where the park lays today was once a moat to a castle there is no more, but the park is names after it anyway. It is a flowerpark so if you are visiting in the summertime the park is really pretty and colourfull. 
But let me warn you! There are a lot of ducks in there so if you want to enjoy your meal in the park, don't go near the water unless you want to share! :)
Borgvold is also a place i remember from when is was a kid. There is a big playground in there and it is well visited by kindergardens. 
There is a small flower garden close to the Cathedral as well called Latinerhaven. It's also very beautiful in the summer but it's pretty much withered by now. 

If you want a nice long walk you can go around Søndersø. There is close to 6 km around the lake and there is a well used path all the way around so you are close to the lake all the way around. 
You can also rent a boat in Nørresø and sail around there.

All of this are in the same area of downtown and the Cathedral is also really close to the shopping streets.
Pic 1: Viborg Cathedral and surroundings.

Pic 2: View from Søndersø. The Cathedral in the background and Borgvold to the right.

Pic 3: Boat rental at Nørresø.

Pic 4: Borgvold/Bibelhaven.

Pic 5: Borgvold/Bibelhaven

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Saturday 20 September 2014

Trekstor eBook-Reader 3.0

As i wrote in my previous post a eBook-Reader is a really good idea if you are traveling a lot, but also if you have a long train journey to work and such. I got mine a few years ago when it was a new thing and i din't have that much money, but im happy with the one i have!

It is the Trekstor eBook-Reader 3.0 and i got it from CDON which is mostly a scandinavian website but im sure you can find Trekstor elsewhere now that it is a German Brand.

You can read many different kinds of files on it, but you can't use the kindle files. Kindle is the most used eBook-Reader but is also more expensive than this one.

Another thing. if you are not very good at computers or solving problems on them, i suggests that you buy the big brother of my eBook Reader, because the one i have is without WIFI so you have to download the eBooks on your computer and put them on manually. That also means, that when you download a eBook from fx CDON it will come in a ACSM file instead of ePub file. So you have to download Adobe Digital Editions that can open your ACSM files and automaticlly makes them a ePub file and drops them in your documents folder under 'My digital editions'. Then you can move them to your eBook reader.

It's NOT everywhere you download eBooks in ACSM files! I have only experienced this on CDON.

As you can see on the picture, you can also read manga on your eBook reader! I found my favorite manga online ready to download in PDF.

Friday 19 September 2014

How I will pack my suitcase

I have received a lot of papers from the guide school with information and one thing i have been thing about alot is the way i'm going to pack my suitcase.
The longest i have been away from home is 15 days i think, but i'm going away for 5 weeks this time and maybe more in the future so how do you pack a suitcase for 5 weeks when it use to be full when i'm only away for a week?

Here is the tips i will try out myself. Some of them are from the guideschool and some of them are things i just have been thinking a lot about.

1. How much clothes do you use in a week when you are home? You can have the same shirt on two days in a row right? You don't need 7 t-shirt if you are going away for 7 days! Think like this with everything. What do you use at home in a week? Do you really need to take the whole makeup purse with you if you only use the eyeliner or a bit of eyeshadow?

2. How much Shampoo do you use when you are on vacation? You don't need the whole bottle even though you want to smell good when you are out exploring. Buy travel size bottles and pour a small amount of the shampoo in that.

3. Towels takes up so much space in the suitcase. If you are going on a vacation where you stay at the a hotel, they can offer you towels so you don't need to bring your own. Check the hotels website to see if there are towels. Even the smallest most wreck looking hotel i was at in London had clean towels at the rooms everyday! If you are staying at a hostel instead of a hotel you better bring your own though. Bitter experience...

4. If you are going on a long flight or a relaxing vacation, don't bring a book on the size of the suitcase. The e-book reader is a great invention and are often cheaper than the normal books. I was kind of skeptical about it myself in the start but i love mine now which is a Trekstor 7". you can get it for only 20$ now! I gave 50$ when it was a new thing.

5. Know the weight of your suitcase before you leave. Especially if you are going away for a long time or city ​​breaks. The airlines usually have a limit on how much you can have with you and when you are out shopping you will have a feeling of how much you can buy before you reach the limited weight on your suitcase.

Picture from

Saturday 13 September 2014

The little mermaid - the musical

I have spend the last few days visiting my godmother for the first time since my baptism. Which means that i had no clue who she was or how she looked like. One thing i knew is that she was a totally awesome and creative person who was more into drawing than me.

The main reason we went to visit her was that she made the costumes for the Disney's The Little Mermaid the Musical and i wanted to see it so badly! We saw her drawings and designs and she told us how she made the costumes and what she made them of. 

In the evening we went to Fredericia Theater to see the musical and it has been many years since i saw a musical so it blew my mind! It was so good and they all sang amazing! It was funny to see the costumes in action now that we have seen them as drawing and then on the actors. 

One thing that amazed me was the actors who played the eels Flotsam and Jetsam! I know one of them is a ballet dancer but the was they moved was so eel like and smooth. It's indescribable and i think you need to see it to get a feeling of it.

Unfortunately i could not take any pictures so these are official pictures from their homepage. 

Wednesday 10 September 2014

One month to go...

...And im freaking nervous!

In a month im going to the guideschool Service&Co and im really really excited now that i finally got the flight details!
There is not a moment while im awake i don't think about it because it is really transboundary for me to get on that plane because of several reasons.

I'm a really shy person so learning to stand in front of a group of people and talk will be a big overcoming for me. I have never been able to do it without shaking, sweating or both at the same time. I really hope this will help me to make that fear go away.

I am not in control of anything. I like to be prepared down to the smallest details when i'm traveling anywhere. Now my boarding pass is in the hand of someone else and they don't give os much information about the courses down there because it all has to be a surprise.

I don't really know spanish! I know a few words and i can say "no hablo español". I have only been in Spain a few times before, but i always speak English. I don't know what to do if someone can't speak English. It will be a challenge i have to accept. With a smile.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

The new look!

Finally i think im done for now! What do you think?
As i said i want to make it a bit more travel related blog and i think it will work for me!
If you are here for the good travel posts you are too early!

The old theme

Sunday 7 September 2014

Changing the theme a bit - new layout

Hey you!
I haven't been so active on the blog lately and it's because i don't really like the way it looks or what i write anymore.
Soon im going to Spain to go on the guide school Service & CO which means i will be traviling a lot soon and being away from home and the best WIFI connection possible. So i have been working a lot on some layout and stuff for the blog, so i have forgotten to actually use it, but i want it done before i go to spain.

The theme will be changing as in not so much chitchating and more important - traveling - now that it soon will be my life. I want it to look a lot better than now that it's kinda Harry Potter themed but still be personal.

Im only a few edited pictures away from changing it all :) It will hopefully be more open, welcoming and easy to overview.

Monday 1 September 2014

Monthly Favorites: August

Best experience: My birthday! I was celebrating for over a week now that i didn't invite my friends and family at the same time. So it was really fun!

Favorite movie: I won som cinema tickets for the new Hercules movie so i took my friend Camilla on a "movie date" and it was not what i expected now that i'm use to the disney version but it was really great and there was som really nasty slaughter scenes which i really like and i was laughing so hard! 

Favorite TV-series: It's noton TV but im following Pewdiepies series instead and i really liked to watch Infamous! He chose to be a hero in the game which was the best ending (i googled the bad endling) and i cried at one point! I don't want to say anything but i think you should go watch it or play it if you have the device to play it. I don't think you can play it on a PC unfortunately.

Favorite song: Elizabeth Gillies - You don't know me
I don't know why im so in love with the music from the Nickelodeon series Victorious now that i hardly ever see it, but it is some pretty good songs and most of them is actually really good at singing! 

Favorite band/singer: Just because im a freak i have to say 5 Seconds of summer. They are kind of my new obsession!

Favorite youtuber: I have been watching Cry (Cryaotic) so my much lately that it's unhealthy. He is a gamer youtuber but i think many will agree with my if i tall you that he has one of the most sexist voices ever! *.*  Best thing about him is, that he NEVER shows his face.

Favorite youtube video: Don't watch this if you don't want to go to hell with Tayler and Dan.

Favorite game: Assassin's Creed 3. 
I have never actually finished this game but my friend wanted to start gaming and asked me what to play so i lent her the first two Assassin's Creed games and one day we were just sitting and gaming together and i started playing Assassin's Creed again which i haven't done in a long time. It's a really cool and well made game so im enjoying it yet again!

Best buy: The tartan skirt from H&M from this post.

Favorite tea: I have been drinking so much Darjeeling tea lately that it's becomming my thing. It's a simple black tea but you can drink it at any time of the day.

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