Sunday 25 May 2014

London shopping: Creative edition

I could not find my giant hobby store i have marked on one of my maps.. well... because i freaking forgot that map.. genius Helene... but i found some smaller once around the hotel and on a side street from Oxford Street called Ryman. It's a great shop and they have a lot of different things for the hobbyist.

The Ryman near the hotel was not that big but i got a folder and plastic pockets in A5 which is hard to find in DK, but they fits perfectly for my drawing now that i mostly use A5 size paper. 

The Ryman near Oxford Street was a little bigger and had a few things i could use. These are skine tones colour pencils which i just needed. I already have the 36 pack Faber Castell colours (link to the left in Drawing and tools) but it does not have all these skintone colours. Derwent is a brand i know (i have the charcoal pencils) so there was no doubt when i found these. I needed them!

Yes these are pencils from HB to 8B i think and yes they are really horrible and draws like shit, but i got them because i liked the case they were in! I replace them with the drawing things i use the most and i can have my A5 paper in it ass well so i got myself a new pencil case that my pencils will not get ruined by!

Friday 23 May 2014

London shopping: Harry Potter edition

Now that i fianlly found Platform 9 3/4 and was at the Warner Bros. Studios i took the opportunity (as the giant Harry Potter geek i am) to do a lot of merchandise shopping.

 I was at Warner Bros. first and i really wanted to buy everything! The original school uniforms really spoke to me, but there was no prices on them and i didn't dare to ask the old mustache guy who was watching over the most expensive part of the shop...

Anywas i got a few thing! The Tales of Beedle The Bard! It was half the price of the one in danish at the nearest bookstore so of course i had to buy it! I ended up with small things like a magnet with Fawkes on it cause that was the same picture that was on my entre ticket :3 A little keychain with deathly hallows symbol now that i could not find the necklace. And a stack of postcards i will decorate my room with! Then i got some bookmarks for free!! yey

I have to talk about these mugs. I loooove them and i have seen them a few times online before and fell in love with them from the start. But the only place i could find them was the homepage of Universal studios in Orlando.. and i don't think that a porcelain mug can get from USA to Denmark without dying. SO when i found these in London i was so excited and i had to buy two... ups!

And this one is really important to me! Yes i am a Slytherin! A proud one! And i have been looking for a fake one of these badges on ebay before (guilty!) but non of them looked like the original and a few of them was actually the wrong color o.o  But i found this to add to the (not quite) uniform i have! I really just need the rope and i could go for a real Slytherin.

At Kings Cross Station there is a store next to their (fake -o-) platform 9 3/4 and it was full of people but my dad was actually excited about it. I guess it was because i was almost dancing and hardcore fangirling when i saw it. I was fangirling in the Studio as well but my dad stayed home at the hotel that day. But even though he is not a Harry Potter fan, he bought a pin for his cap that said Platform 9 3/4 xD  It was also his idea that i needed the mug btw. He thought it looked cool. 

Once again the Slytherin pride! A little badge for 1£ can't hurt anyone! I just need a place to put it on now.

And an official ticket to the Hogwarts express! Actually it was also my dads idea that i needed this one xD  I though it was weird to buy, but i looked around and saw what all the others got and then i felt pretty normal when i bought this. (*cough* plastic Harry Potter glasses *cough*)
But sorry guys it's only one way. Im leaving for goods!!

Thursday 22 May 2014

It's official...

This is so scary for me and it feels crazy that im doing it but this is what i wanted. Im am now officially going on the guideschool Service&CO from october 7th in Pineda de Mar, Spain.

Im sooo nervous already and im shaking now that we paid the first deposit. But this is good for me. I want to learn to stand in front of people and talk without tripping over the words. I want this "i can do this" feeling without all the doubts i have had forever now. I want to stomp on them and tear them apart. I want to fell like i can do something. Fell like im good enough!

I really hope this helps. Wish me luck! 

Monday 19 May 2014

London Sightseeing

Every one knows what Big Ben is and the London eye etc. so of course i was there this time too. There is not much fun in taking the same pictures again, cause i have seen them before. Or? Last time was there i had a shitty camera and i was 12kg heavier. So the outcome of the new pictures are a lot better after my opinion.

Oh and a thing i didn't do last time was to trying London Eye. It was an incredible view and it was fun to see how big Hyde Park actually was and how close Buckingham Palace was.

Tower Bridge with a classic red London coach. Lord Nielson and the lion from Trafalgar square. Aaaand me near Big Ben.

 View from Hungerford Bridge and the most random thing i have ever seen... the Blue Cock on Trafalgar square.

View from London eye. Don't think it was the highest, but on the way down.

House of parliaments and Big Ben... Me with messy hair. Messy hurr don't curr!

Friday 16 May 2014

London: Madame Tussauds

One of the few thing my dad just WANTED to see was Madame Tussauds. He have never been in one. I have been in the London one twice now and the Berlin one once and the London one is the big winner. They have much more figures and known faces.

There was soooo many people in there this time which did make it less fun, but i hope my dad wasn't disappointed.

Anyways, because i have been there before i didn't take so many pictures this time. I have seen it before and there was also hundreds of people in front of me taking pictures with the figures. I waited for them to go away so i could snap a quick photo and get out of the way so i could breath again. I only noticed a few new since 2011 which were Taylor Lautner and One Direction. I was a little angry that they removed Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow to make room for them, but Johnny Depp as himself was still there!

Wednesday 14 May 2014

POP pilates for beginners calendar

Now that im home from London i can finally do some workout again! 
I have something with my neck and the workout keeps it away, so that is some kind of motivation.
Im not an expert so as i have been writing about before here, i have been following a workout program from Blogilates. It works but it just gets boring doing the same over and over again. 

But on her homepage there is a beginners calendar to POP pilates i want to try out to make my body stronger. Also i really want to reach my goal in weight, a flat stomach and maybe my neck can stop hurting so i can sleep with a normal soft pillow again! 

I started today so i already did the first days workout. She starts with a quick lesson in how to breath and keep the stomach flat, so you get as much out of it as possible. The worst was my arms.. i have the weakest arms ever omg. 

Here is her intro text and the calendar. Also all the videos you follow is linked so you don't have to find them yourself on youtube!

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Back from London! - Warner Bros. Studio tour: The making of Harry Potter

Wow it have been a long day now but i am back from London!
It is with mixed feelings im sitting in my own livingroom again.
I reeeally love England, the big city and traveling, but my bed at home is the best one to sleep in!

It's second time i was there, but this time was with my parents, who had never been there before. I was mostly showing them around places i have already been but a few things have been added.

This time i was in the Warner Bros. Studio. The Making of Harry Potter! It was the best part of the trip! I am the biggest geek... but the intro was amazing!

They shows a short behind the scenes film on a big screen and when it was done the canvas was coiled and behind it was the door to the great hall and Hedwigs theme was playing in the background and it was truly magical! Not going to lie... i cried... just a little bit!

All the scenes was there like the potion classroom, Dumbledores office, Hagrids hut and the Ministry of Magic etc.!!

In the end of the tour was the most beautiful thing ever! A small model of Hogwarts and the nature around it! they have been filming around this model and added the effects. They showed a video that showed how they did it all! It was sooo beautiful! You can't imagine!!! The photos is nothing!

A fun part was also the green screen. If you don't know what it is, its a screen in a green color a computer can replace with another video or picture. They used it a lot for the quidditch scenes and.... you could try it!!! I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a slytherin robe so i was wearing a gryffindor when i tried it. I got some photos taken but i have to scan them before i can put them up here, but i promise i will show them! 

Monday 5 May 2014

London here i come!

In a long time i have wanted to go back to London! AND NOW! Im going there tomorrow! I was there back in 2011 with one of my friends and my mom and dad was a little jealous but now we are finally going there!
We have already planned a trip to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London!!! Every Harry Potter freaks dream place!
And this time im going to try London Eye! It's kind of expensive and last time i was in London i was a little poor o.o
My dad have a thing for Hard Rock Cafe so we going there too... again :3

When we are there the Eurovision is going on in Copenhagen which we don't want to miss. The TV on the hotel is not Eurovision material so maybe we are going to find a Eurovision Party somewhere, which should be in every club and pub over there!

Im going over there with an almost empty suitcase and i hope it is full with good stuff when im home in a week! *.*

The pics is from last time i was there :3

Thursday 1 May 2014

Monthly Favorites: April

Best experience: The most WOW-experience i had was my trip to Odense. First time i was traveling so fare with train alone! I have this crazy idea that im going to get lost or can't open the door in the train, when i want to get off, but it went well hahah xD  
I was visiting Lonnie and baked a few leek pies because... i really like it xD  We... no Lonnie played horror games while i was sitting next to her crying out everytime something happend xD

Favorite movie: Frozen! Finally i have seen it! I was waiting for it to come on viaplay or the dvd would be on sale but i gave up and saw it and i xreally love it! Not the best disney movie ever like many says but it's really good and i love the music! And Olaf!! *.*

Favorite TV-series: I don't know if you can call it a series, though there is seasons of it. Russel Howard's good news! British humor when it's best! OMG i love him so much xD  his facial expressions are gold!

Favorite song: I don't know if you can call it favorite song, cause i don't know what i think of it yet xD  But i have been listing to Avril Lavigne's new song Hello Kitty a few times or 20. I do like J-pop and i do like Avril but i haven't quite found out if i think it is a good mix yet. 

Favorite band/singer: Black Veil Brides. I'm in a period where i listen to them all the time! And typical the same song over and over again! In the End and Rebel Love song is THE songs from them right now.

Favorite youtuber: Deefizzy! Wow! Damon! Yessss! He is the cutest little thing on youtube! He is older than me but ssssh! He haven't made a maid channel video for like 9 month, but his second channel is getting updated sometimes still! I think he is kind og depressed sometimes but puts everyone before himself, so to support him i bough a FizzyFamily bracelet a few days ago! Waiting for it to come yey :3 He is the sweetest thing and his videos makes you happy if you are down :3 

Favorite youtube video: No description needed.. just watch!

Favorite game: Me and my friend bought Portal 2 together because it was on sale on Steam and it is sooo fun! Best if you are two. We had tons of fun with it a played it for 5 hours straight! 

Best buy: When i was in Odense i was in one of my favorite stores New Yorker. The danish version is not as good as the german one, but i found a backpack i really liked. I bought it with my little upcomming vacation in my mind. Im going to London pretty soon and i have thisn massive camera, but my old bag was so small! So this was perf!

Favorite tea: Normally i drink black teas, but when a pack of GEMI white tea was on sale i got curious! My experience with green tea is not good, so i was a little afraid of thw white, but it is actually really good! Espeacially the one with peach! Mmmh!