Sunday 23 June 2013

Blog challenge day 12: Three embarrassing moments

Im one big embarrassment, so its hard to find three things, but let's think back..

One thing i remember too well was back when i was.. 10? I was in Germany, Harz with my familiy in the easter and we were going to celebrate my grandpas birthday in a place called Pullman City II which is a city build up like an western city from the late 1800. It was late evening and i went outside the restaurant in the western city and then this boy at my age came to me and asked "Was ist das?" and pointed on the fake foxfail from my cowboyhat.. and i understood him, but i was 10 and i could only say few words in german.. and i tried saying something like "Es ist ein rofenhale" xD  because.. i did not know how the hell you said foxtail in german xD  He you looked at me "Was?" and i just ran away... yes... i ran away from him...

Beautilful me back then xD omg...
When i was 12 Jakob Sveistrup won the Melodi Grand Prix with the song "talking to you".. yeah... and after that he was singing in some malls around. Me and my mom went to see him and he was pretty fun. The power went and then he was standing on the stage telling jokes instead! When he was done he gave autographs! omg wow... xD  And he was sitting on the stage at a table and we could go up one by one and when it was my turn i was so shy that i did not look at him AT ALL, took the autographs and then... fell down the stage on the other side... OMG... Lucky for me there was this security guy standing and helping people down and i fell right down in his arms.. but it was sooo embarrassing >.<

A thrid moment.. i don't want to deepen, but lets just say... the whole surfing part at our studytrip to Tenerife.. yeah... traitors!!! Leaving me alone in the water!!!


  1. Hey! We're not traitors, we just wanted to give you some time alone with you know who. ;)

    btw hot stil du havde ;-----)