Tuesday 25 June 2013

Blog challenge day 14: A crazy confession

I don't know if its a confession, because i think many already know xD

But i find it waaaay too fun to stalk One Direction and Justin Bieber and their fandoms/fanbases! xD
I find it very fascinating to see what boys can do to 12 year old girls and what keeps them making music.. because.. maybe they enjoy what they do, but come on... which 20 year old boy likes having 93854568569 10-12 year old girl after them?? o.o

And also its kind of fun to think that i have been a fan like them. Back when i was 13 and i found Tokio Hotel i was like ...obsessed!! in many years xD

But now standing outside it all and just watching videos of crazy fans trying to slip under fences and hear how they scream when they THINK they see them its like... xD

I remember when i was at the Tokio Hotel concert!! There was this little chink in the curtains so you could see when someone backstage walked pass.. we screamed.. a lot!! Hahahah... aaah yeah..

Monday 24 June 2013

Blog Challenge day 13: Your worst habit

I don't know what to choose xD  not that i have some habits that is super disgusting but just... many weird that people always have to comment!!

I LOVE tea! And i go to Søsterne Grenes just for beeing in the smell of tea and soap and stuff!
When i see those boxes with loose tea where you can take the small shovel and take what you want, i have to smell it! Like... go over and lift up the lid and just breath in xD  i love the smell of tea ok?! o.o

Or maybe its the fact that i have a very bad memory.. it is not always i remember that i tould a story to someone before xD  so i can tell the same story to the same people day after day.. imagine how i will be when im old! o.o  oh my...

Or maybe its my obsession with dogs. I can't walk pass a dog without patting it o.o  Because.. they are sooo sweet and soft and fluffy and dfjgsdizfv!! I really want to have a dog myself :(  but my mom is kind of afraid of them and says that i would never leave the house if i had one, because it will look at me with those puppy eyes who says "don't leave meeee" and then i can't leave it and... stuff :((
And my dad likes boxers because he had one when he was little names Sita.. So IF we could have a dog, it should be a boxer named Sita... no thanks >.<
I want something fluffy like... THIS
Berner sennen <3

Sunday 23 June 2013

Blog challenge day 12: Three embarrassing moments

Im one big embarrassment, so its hard to find three things, but let's think back..

One thing i remember too well was back when i was.. 10? I was in Germany, Harz with my familiy in the easter and we were going to celebrate my grandpas birthday in a place called Pullman City II which is a city build up like an western city from the late 1800. It was late evening and i went outside the restaurant in the western city and then this boy at my age came to me and asked "Was ist das?" and pointed on the fake foxfail from my cowboyhat.. and i understood him, but i was 10 and i could only say few words in german.. and i tried saying something like "Es ist ein rofenhale" xD  because.. i did not know how the hell you said foxtail in german xD  He you looked at me "Was?" and i just ran away... yes... i ran away from him...

Beautilful me back then xD omg...
When i was 12 Jakob Sveistrup won the Melodi Grand Prix with the song "talking to you".. yeah... and after that he was singing in some malls around. Me and my mom went to see him and he was pretty fun. The power went and then he was standing on the stage telling jokes instead! When he was done he gave autographs! omg wow... xD  And he was sitting on the stage at a table and we could go up one by one and when it was my turn i was so shy that i did not look at him AT ALL, took the autographs and then... fell down the stage on the other side... OMG... Lucky for me there was this security guy standing and helping people down and i fell right down in his arms.. but it was sooo embarrassing >.<

A thrid moment.. i don't want to deepen, but lets just say... the whole surfing part at our studytrip to Tenerife.. yeah... traitors!!! Leaving me alone in the water!!!

Blog challenge day 11: The weirdest picture you've ever seen

Well internet... that is a very hard question.
The world is just fucked up, so where to start.. oh yeah
I remember me saying: "What would happend if i google birds with arms? Birds do not have arm. I don't think anything will come up" - i think it was in biology class? xD
... Oh my god i was wrong...

Yes people... that tumblr exist

Saturday 22 June 2013

Making up for missing a day of blog challenge xD

Blog challenge day 10: Write a Haiku about zombies

So.... yeah... Lonnie... why... WHY?!
I can't fucking write a Haiku about zombies xD  i can't even write a Haiku!!!

Zombies smell so bad
go close and they will eat you
or just your brain. what ever!

There you go...
7 min too late... god damn it...

Thursday 20 June 2013

Blog challenge day 9: You craziest dream ever

Well all of my deams is kind of fucked up and as so many other people i find it hard to remember.. and its a bit harder to remember when its so fucked up and dont make sense.

So sometimes when i have had a dream and i wake up, i try to write something down in a notebook i have under my bed! And i write the first i think of.
I found something in my book which sounds kind of freaky o.o
Much of it does not make sense.. and i don't think i can translate it very well, because i write it while i was very sleepy o.o

This is exactly what i wrote:
"Den besætter ting, folk. Jeg ved ikke hvad det er. Den kan tage form som alt.
Jeg kommunikere med den på et elektrisk apparat. Minder om en mobil. Men dens beskeder forsvinder så snart jeg har læst dem. Hvis jeg når det.
Den gør skade på folk. Det starter i de små. Troede jeg.
Jeg så den som genstand der puffede...op på cykelstien foran en mor og lille søn på cykel.. væltede dem.
Den tog form som min venindes storebror...
Selvom hun lå lige inde ved siden af. Den tog form som filurkat. Som min veninde. Nej. Besætter hende. Får hende til at kaste ting efter mig."

I can't remember why or when i wrote it or what i wrote about

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Blog challenge day 8: Your coolest obsession

Well... this one i a tough one... because im a person who is not only fan of or likes anything. When i find something i think is.. the best thing in the world... i become obsessed with it!!

There is a lot of music i have or am obsessed with, but there is one thing... ONE THING... i cant escape from...
Im a potterhead!! And a proud one of the kind xD
Im sure that most people have read the books.. like... those who have not...  >: (

When im absent or just sitting in my own imagination i may be on Hogwarts.. i don't know! MAYBE!
And i RPG on a web Hogwarts with other freaks xD  i found my pack :')

I have kind of a little collection of Harry Potter things and... yeah.. just watch and :O

My Shirt from the Elbenwald store in Berlin

Newest fund! Poster from a random poster store in Copenhagen!
10 DKK!! o.o
The books ofc

The DVDs!! ALL in 2 disc special edition! Because.. yeah

Well i think everyone have played one of the games once, right?
Here is everyone of them + a quiddich game xD
One of my freaky things. I kind of have.. one seat in the cinema i HAVE TO have,
when the movies came out xD Some of them were on the premiere day,
but if i could not get my seat on the premiere day, i just waited.. :3
A copy af xenophilius lovegood necklace bought on Ebay :3
Some games i play on DS yes yes! 
I have some quiz-books and sticker books and other stuff somewhere in my room... but i don't want to find them right now xD  they can be anywhere, and my room is kind of big...

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Blog challenge day 7: Write a story on at least 100 words about toes

forgive me father for i have sinned!!! I forgot... day 6... omg.. i failed >.<
I have to make up to that somehow!!! o.o  Anyway!!!

Once upon a time there were five toes. Big toe and little toe was very happy… or most of all big toe, because everyone knew who they were. Many hated little toe because he always got hurt or ran into things and the other toes had to stop and wait until he could go again. But people knew who he was. The other three toes were depressed because people did not know their names or anything. They were just there! So they made a group and entered X-factor, but everyone think they stink! People have seen them on TV and laughed at them but they will still say. “You know those toes? From the x-factor? What were their names? I don’t know, but they stink! MUhahah!”
-The end

Sunday 16 June 2013

Blog challenge Day 5: Draw your ideal friend

Sooo now im home and have access to paper, which not always is a good thing for me.. papercut :'(
But NOW i could draw my ideal friend!
I think SOMEONE might already know him, but his name is Lars... WONDER LARS!!!!
He is like.. the most awesome person in the whole world and he can fly and everything!
He is also very very fast and can get you a sandwich in no time!
The weapon of his choice is the Nokia 3310 on a stick so if the Zombie apocalypse starts you know who to go to!! WONDER LARS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!

(existed since 2010. RIGHT AYLA?!)

Saturday 15 June 2013

Blog challenge day 4: Describe the object to your right

"Describe the object to your right as if it wad the coolest thing you'd ever seen" was actually day 5 but im on camping and have no paper to the drawing for day 4 :/  I can do that tomorrow!

So.. Im in the caravan and it's raining outside and the WiFi for the computer, so im on the phone right now!

The thing to my right is my dad... XD
He is so awesome and he have very nice grey hair and a beautiful big moustache which is almost down in his mouth...!
And and and he is the unlimited money machine.. Almost... and is the one I go to, when mom says NO.
He is also very cool when he dresses up like a cowboy or listens to Irish folk! Very loud..! Erh... Yeah xD

Friday 14 June 2013

Blog challenge day 3: Weirdest family tradition

For the third day i have to tell about a weird family tradition, but honestly we don't have so many traditions.
Our Chistmases are normal and.. yeah..

Okay maybe its weird that we are eating snails new year's eve, but hey! Its something my dad learn from when he lived in France.

So i thought of something... weird we use to do. I don't think you can call it a tradition, but it is something we have done almost every summer for 8 years or something.
We are always in Rüdesheim in the summer. A nice town in southern Germany and very close to the border to France, so we can visit my dads family too. I always ALWAYS have my inliners with me and because of that my mom and dad ALWAYS sends me into town (or what you will call it) to get some... BRETZELS!!!
And yes.. we are kind of freaky with those thing and the first few year my dad noticed that they got smaller!!

So every year we are down there, we always take a picture.. of a bretzel... next to a beer or a soda so you can tell how much smaller it have become since the year before... xD
A few years ago my dad took one of the first pictures with him into town and showed it to the guy who makes the bretzels, that they where much bigger back then, but he totally denied it!!

Thursday 13 June 2013

Blog Challenge day 2: Dumbest purchase you've ever made

Lets start out saying, that im really good with money! I HATE using money, and do always feel bad afterward! Maybe not the small things in the Tiger store.. but big things.. lets say... over 100DKK?? xD

I still remember how bad i felt after using 50DKK on rubber bracelets in 7th grade, because i did not like them! I bougth them because everyone else had them! And 50DKK was a lot of money for me back then!!

But i think the dumbest purchase i have ever made was a subscription (or a one each year for 4 years >.<) to the teen magazine Vi Unge!! Its not that i hate hate the magazine, but when i look in them today its the same over and over again in every single magazine! Well the interviews with the celebrities are not, but the rest of it! Same embarrassing teenage stories... same problems with some 13year olds period and bla bla.. I think last ting i bougth it was in 10th grade or something...

But the most annoying with it is that... i can't throw them out! That is just how i am!!! I have spent sooo many money on these subscriptions so i can't make myself throw them out :(  But they are just.. standing there.. without getting used.. naah...

The picture is of my shelf and the arrows shows the magazines -.-  and yes there is a arrow out of the picture, because i actually have a gigant box in another room too...
I wound give them away, but those who reads this kind of stuff now may only be interested in someone like Justin Bieber or One Direction... but these magazines are from before they were famous... They are from the time where Jesse McCartney was crowned as the cutest guy on earth xD  anyone?? Come on!!!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Blog challenge Day 1: Awkward self portrait

Awkward self portrait you say?? Well well... i could take a picture of myself now, but the only awkward thing about me now is that i have no makeup on, and im not use to wear so much makeup anyway, so i think... if you wanna see something i, personally think is awkward... then... me a few years ago.. or a bit longer... I was... well... very emo-like.. and i think i took some really awkward pictures. I may have thought i was sooo cool when i took it... but xD

And as a BONUS you can see this very charming picture of me, from when i was 9!!
OMG... my hair... its almost the same in the pictures xD  wth... hahahah

My blog challenge!!

Purrr so my friend gave me the picture already yesterday, but i am too slow, so now its comming up for you xD
Much better than the one i made for her ._.  im so uncreative!!

14 days Blog Challenge

Me and and my friend got this idea of a blog challenge. But instead of take one from the internet that was already made, we made our own! Or.. we made one from each other.
14 days... i hope i can do that xD
We will start tomorrow and the picture bellow is the one i will give to her.
You can find her blog by clicking the logo right here:

Monday 10 June 2013

Bon Jovi concert 06-06-2013

Erh yeah.. it was a great sound in my head xD
Last weekend i was to the Bon Jovi concert in Copenhagen! It was.. amazing! *.*
I was at a Bon Jovi concert two year ago where he had a knee injury and was just standing the same place through the whole concert, but this time....!!!!
Now i know how he got that injury xD  He was jumping around like crazy and i totally forgot how much my feet and neck was hurting because i just enjoyed watching him!!

I don't agree with the danish newspapers (ekstra bladet)! They said he did not smile, because he knew that it was a bad concert and he was not good enough -.-  well fuck you too!!! It was soooo much better then last time and he was jumping as much as he use to on the live DVDs so ... yeah!!!

After the concert there was too many people waiting for the bus, so my mom and i had to go home.. 5 kilometers.. at 1 a.m... in short and t-shirt xD  it was sooo cold and my voice was totally gone! o.o
According to Ekstra Bladet, this is not a smile!

Nope not a smile! :E

The walk on Diamond Circle!

Have a nice day!!

Saturday 1 June 2013

Compliments on small notes

So.. I am reading this book called Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher and its about a girl called Hannah who committed suicide. Before her death she recorded herself on tape telling thirteen people why they had a part of the reason why she committed suicide. She put all these tapes in a box and sends it to the first person on the tapes. After the people have hear them, they have to send them to the next person whos name is named after them on the tapes.

In the tapes we hear about something i really like. In her class they have these bags they decorate and puts their names on. Its for compliments! If you think someone is very brave or maybe someone got a new haircut, but you are too shy to tell them face to face, you can write a little note to them, and out it in their bag. Then they can check their bag and get a lot of compliments and feel good by themself.

Im sure that there are a lot of people out there who keeps a lot of compliment to themself! I think it is kind of sad, because someone, like the girl in the book, really need them! It gives them a extra push or can make their whole day!
it could be great if every class or school could have something like that, if people can use it the right way!
-In the story she does not get any hate notes, but there is a guy who steals her notes, so she think that no one cares about her.