Friday 9 December 2016

Hiking in Masca

One of the things i absolutly HAD to do while at Tenerife was hiking in Masca again. Yes, i have been there before on my biology studytrip but it was awesome and beautiful.
The problem was that my parents both have some trouble with their backs and stuff but the good thing was that my uncle and his fiancé were so ready to go because i told them how awesome the trip was. But a thing i tihnk they didn't understand was the difficulty of the trip. I told them about how you literally have to climb down at some places and teeter along cliffs only holding yourself up by a rope. It's pretty exciting!

We ordered the trip through Thomas Cook who had a cooperation partner who made these trips. I never got the name of this company and i tried to contact Thomas Cook about the name of the hiking guides but they never wrote back. Anyway, the bus came an picked us up at our hotel and i think it took an hour to get everyone from different hotels before we headed to Masca. We got divided into different groups by nationality because they had a 4-5 different guides that spoke different language. We got an Scandinavian guide who spoke spanish as well. We did expect an english speaking guide as it said on Thomas Cooks website but luckly we understood swedish all of us.
They had everything you needed for a hike. You could rent boots and shoes from the guides. Also walking sticks for only 1£. There was food in the trip and lots of water and fruit. You basically just need to wake up and get out to the bus in the morning. That's it.

Anyway the trip was beautiful like the last time. The landscape was amazing and the moutain goat was happy. It had been raining so there was a lot of water runing down the cliff so it was slippery and it was impossible not to become wet but it just made everything seem more green as well. The guide was really good at explaining things as we went on and i learned a lot of new stuff that i didn't learn or noticed from the first trip.
Like some of the palm trees (That is endemic for Canary Islands) was black because of a great fire many many years ago and the last volcanic eruptions (rather small) was not from Teide, but from "another" colcano near Masca, so the affect could be seen a few places. We also saw some kind of small pigeon up close because they were use to hikers giving them food. They were really cute! And she brought a banana so she could feed the small lizards and showed us cactus lice that is used for colouring in lipstick and things like that. Very fascinating.

And a random thing i just HAVE to metion! When we were at the end of the trip and about to hit the shore the guide stopped us to say good bye and suddently a cat appeared. We were all very confused because we just went through 8 kilometers of cliff so how did the cat end up there? People started to feed it the ham from the sandwiches the guide gave us and gave it some water as well. We found out later that it belonged to some people that owned a little house at the shore that you can also reach by boat. So they took their cats with them when they went there apparently. So they crawled around to the hikers and begging for food. In the end a boat brought us back to Los Gigantos from where they drove us home to our hotel.

The pigeon look alike bird
Look at the small people down there!

The Masca "elephant"

The mysterious cat!

The road to Masca. A very... unique experience in a big bus. 

Sunday 27 November 2016

MustCat - A catamaran trip in the Atlantic

Before we went to Tenerife we could see the list of different trips we could book. My dad has done a lot of sailing when he was young so naturally we should get ourself on a boat somehow.
We ended up booking a trip with a huge catamaran boat called MustCat. The special thing with the tourist catamaran boats is the net in the front where you can lay right over the water, while the boat is sailing.

The crew on board was really nice and jokingly. They were playing around with people and was really good at explaing the creatures around us (whales and dolphins). They spoke 3 different languages so that everyone could follow along. They served a lot of different dirnks on board and you could drink as much as you wanted. You had to stay hydrated when you are on the sea for 3 hours in that heat.
While we sailed out one of the crew members asked if we wanted to go diving when we sailed close to the cliffs. I would have said yes big time if i actually had my swimsuit with me but i  was too stupid to do that. It was only 15 euros!!! Next time i will bring my swimsuit and take advantage of the deal. Either way, the french family that had taking over the nets didn't want to lay there when we weren't sailing, so my family took it over afterward and tried to get a small sea tan.

There are few rules on board and the crew started out with repeating these rules in english, german and french. But i just have to mention this really rude french family that no one told off. The boat was for relaxing and whale watching and it was marked where on the boat you could sit, but as soon the whales showed up, the french family was everywhere... Everywhere!!! And they jump in from of people so only they could see the whales. Another rule was that children under 12 could not stay in the nets, because the holes are big and they could fall through them. These french people didn't care and send their small children out on them and you could only be 4 in the net at a time, but these french people... they didn't care and send theit children out even though there were already 4 people in the net. When we were sailing home the little girl started to kick me... all the way back... And apparently stop doesn't mean stop in french. The parents clearly didn't care. So it ruined the trip a bit and i wanted to show you some pictures but many of them is really bad and filled with french people. But i'll cut them out for you.
Almost impossible to cut the french family out of the pictures, but here is little atlantic spotted dolphin and short finned pilot whale

Teide is hiding in the clouds but there was snow on the top!
Chilling in the net 

Friday 4 November 2016

Tenerife - Los Christianos, from quiet fishing village to tourism paradise

Last weekend i got home from a week on Tenerife, the beautiful Spanish island close to the African west coat. I have been there before in 2012 when i went to secondary school ('gymnasium' in danish) on a studytrip because my A level was biology. It's a vulcanic island and it's far from any mainland so the nature has been partly untouched for hundreds of years at some places in the heights.

We lived in Los Christianos which is an old fishing village that has grown a lot since the tourists started to come to the island. Even i could see the different from 2012 to now. A few new hotels has been build since i was there last time. The village, or you can call it a city now, has grown together with the neighbor city Las Americas which was almost only build for the purpose of the tourists. That means it's not any traditional Spanish Canaria city and it's very affected by other cultures. That's why this is the place where you go to eat, drink and party. There is activity all day and all night near the beach and in the side streets, while Los Christianos is a bit more down to earth and relaxing.
That's why i recommended my family that we went there, instead of Las Americas. I think my family was kind of thankful for that, because loud music inside or outside the hotel though you had to go kind of far to get to the beach and all the resturents and souvenirer shops. The walk down there was not a problem for me and the weather is always warm so i think it was just ading to the experince that you had to pass all the locals to get down to the harbor where the big ferries are laying. You can also rent fishing rods and go big game fishing. There is small stalls lined up from different companies that get you on a boat so you can try to catch some fish you can't catch home in the cold north.

The harbor in Los Christianos around dinner time. 

The hill/mountain that kind of splits Los Christianos and Las Americas.
Picture taken from the terrace at Hotel Los Alisios.

We stayed at hotel Los Alisios (Again for my part) and i have to say that the hotel has become so much nicer than last time i was there. Not that there was anything wrong with it before but they have modernized all rooms and made new bathrooms (without tubs though) and it all just looked really nice and actually kind of Scandinavian? Maybe there was a reason for that, because there was a whole lot of Swedes and Norwegians at the hotel and some of the staff could speak Swedish.
To our big surprise and to my dad amusment we could actually watch DR1 on there TVs in the rooms and follow the danish news. There was a lot of different channels from a lot of other different countries so you could see the news from where ever you come from. That's a nice detail.
The rooms (or call it flats) were will full kitchen so we could eat breakfast in our rooms. A few of the days we went down and ate at the restaurant at the hotel and the buffet was really nice. There was a lot to choose from even though i'm allergic to a few things.
It's a hotel i can highly recommend if you are not somehow physically disabled. The hotel is laying on a "small" hill and is quiet a walk away from the main city/tourist area.

Kitchen and dining table.

I don't have a picture of the main bedroom where my parents stayed. Only this where i stayed.
Perhaps the most comfortable hotel bed i have ever slept in. No jokes!

The new bathrooms.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Comic Con Copenhagen 2016

Is it possible to have a geek hangover?? Because i think i have one!

No but Comic Con Copenhagen was amazing and i wish it was longer!
I have been preparing myself for so long to this con. Even though my costume was quite simple it took me ages to make because everything was sewn by hand now that my sewing machine decided that it didn't want to sew in faux leather. Either way i was very satisfied with the result and i was wearing my Nathan Drake cosplay both Saturday and Sunday. 

I have to mention that Friday was the longst day ever. 7 hours at work and then 6 hours in train to Copenhagen and then find the hotel. We were pretty dead when we finally landed in our beds. 
That means that we were a little late to the con Saturday and totally didn't expect the giant queue at that hour. It also ment that i didn't get to see the presentation of Watch Dogs 2 on the big stage. A little sad but we could always go and look at Ubisofts booth. 

While we were there we went to see to panels with two different actresses that Ayla and I are fans of. We saw Alycia Debnam-Carey who is a actress we know from Fear The Walking Dead. I saw the newest episode yesterday and it was weird to already see her and be like "I saw her live two days ago?" but also pretty cool. 
Sunday we saw Kerry Ingram, known from Game of Thornes. I don't really watch the show myself, but Ayla is a big fan so i went along and pretended to know everything that people was talking about. 

I know that a lot of people wasn't very positive about the con in general because there wasn't a lot of comic but a lot of video games and sales booths but i think it was great. Maybe because i'm not the biggest comic fan but i love video games. So i was excited about all the new games. And did i menting i bought Mochis? I haven't tried them yet but damn i have wanted to try those for ages. They had a lot of Japanese candy and many booths had Funko Pop figures. Of course i got a Nathan Drake (the dude i was cosplaying) and a Jacob Frye to my random collection. 

Throughout the days they had some random events like dance-off's, flash mobs at the Just Dance 2017 booth, cosplay competitions and Star Wars march. All in all: It was pretty damn geeky awesome! 

Saturday 27 August 2016

I'm going to Comic Con!

Finally something is happening!
In about a month i will travel across the country to get to my first ever con! And as awesome it can be, it's Comic Con in Copenhagen September the 24-25. It's the first time that Comic Con is being held in Denmark and i'm very excited to see how it will be!

As i said, it's my first con so i don't know what to expect. There will be a few celebs attenting and giving autographes and stuff but people say it's a pretty weak program. I don't really konw myself because i don't watch Game of Thrones or Arrow and where the celebs are from. But i have heard that there will be an actor from Fear the Walking Dead which could be awesome to meet, now that i'm a big fan of the show! 

Anyway i'm mostly excited to see all the cosplays! There will be some cosplay competitions along the weekend and i hope to see all of them! I'm really impressed what people can craft out of nothing and some of them are so well made and they really look like their characters. 
I'm, of course, going to cosplay as well and i'm going to make it over the weekends up until Comic Con. I have a few costumes already but i have fallen in love with a new character from a video game. Nathan Drake from Unchanted is sooo freaking cool and even though his.. well a dude... i need to cosplay him! It's actually pretty simple now that he's a normal guy in bad situations. I'll try to make a genderbend version of him, so i really don't have to look like a guy because.. with my body shape.. it's pretty much impossible. 
Another thing that is impossible... His freaking Gun holster. He has this really cool shoulder gun holster that is crazy expensive apparently. So i bought some faux leather and now i'll try to do it myself. God, i hope i can pull this off.

Saturday 20 August 2016

My internship so far

I have now been an intern for a bit over a month and it has been great so far.
I am an intern at Visit Viborg aka the tourist information in Viborg, one of the oldest cities in denmark. I of course know a lot of Viborgs history by now, because they send me out to see all the cool stuff around town, so i'm not just sitting at my disk 24/7.

Until now i have been on VIborg Museum to see an exhibition about Olsen Banden and of course the history of Viborg. They have made some really cool cartoons that teels you the story of an German that got shot in the butt in Viborg in 1600s or something. And yes.. this is true and his skeleton is actually on show, though the bullet is nowhere to be found. But is pretty amusing. 
I have learned a great bit about the big fire in 1726 where the whole city burned down exept 3-4 houses that is actually still there in Sct. Mogens Gade. It actually very exciting.

When i'm in the office a lot of people call in to order a guide trip around Viborg or renting the tourist boat and i'm managing some of those trips. So i have been with one of our many guides around the city and got told a lot of history. Not as much as i wanted, because it was a 5. grade class she was showing around and they were 100% brats all the time, but i talked a bit with the guide while we were walking from place to place. 
The boat ride is a 1½ hour trip around the two lakes of Viborg. It was awesome weather the day me and the other intern went sailing so i actually got a little sunburned. The Captains are so nice all of them and they come up to the office from time to time. The same thing with the guides.

When i'm at the office i am doing a lot of different tasks. I help the visiters that comes around the office for information about Viborg and sometimes other places in Denmark. I do a bit of social media from time to time and i am going through their database with hotels, B&Bs, attractions and all that stuff and makes sure that they all have a description and is translated to english and german. 
At the moment i am doing a huge statistic task over the online bookings which i have done for a week now. 

I am going to be at the office for 2 more month and i am doing an assignment while there about the place, but i'm not sure what to write about yet. My teacher haven't really giving us a assignment description, so it's kind of hard to get started you see. Hopefully she will put it up soon, because i don't want to sit in my fall vacation and make this assignment, when i have had 3 month to do it. 

Viborg Cathedral

Monday 1 August 2016

Ree park - The danish safari + Kalø castle ruin

So my old roomie from the guide school wrote me friday while i was at work because she finally got another guidejob and have to leave Denmark again pretty soon, so we have to see each other as much as possible before she leaves. She asked if i wanted to go to Ree Park because she felt like it and i was like.. okay!
So i ended up driving 130km+ to get to Ree Park. We made an agreement to be there 11.15 so we could see the lions get fed but we are both crazy about being on time so we were both there before 11... yeah.. We were great roomies back then. Always the first two to be in class!

Anyway i have never really been going to all the feedings at any zoo or animal park but apparently that's the thing she goes for so i just walked along. I was shocked at first by the way they fed the lion. We were stading there watching this beautiful male lion on his stone and suddently there was a freaking giraffe leg behind me. They ask people to help them throw it over the fence to the lion. That happened... Not that i did it, but i stood close enough to get it in the head, if i didn't take a step to the side.
They also fed the cheetahs while we were there and they put part os their food on a string and made them run for their food. It was awesome to see how fast the animal could actually run. I wish i actually got some pictures of them springting but it was so hard to get a good picture of them. What i did get some pictures of was the leopards! They got a kitten and it was the cutest thing ever!!

Of course we bought the safari trip as well and drove around between the giraffes, rhinos and some kind of gazelles that my friend could name by heart because of her last Africa job. Not jelly or anything...
And one last thing.. I didn't see any red pandas this time either. I swear they hate me or something. They are my favorite animal of all time but i have never seen one in real life because ever time i visit a animal park or zoo that actually have red pandas, they are always hiding. I know they are night animal but come on!

After we went to Ree Park we drow to Kalø Castle Ruin which is a castle from 1320, or well.. the rest of it. It lays a two km walk out in the water with only a wide path with old cobblestones and a whole lot of careless cows. It's on the top of a small hill which makes it a perfect place to see if any enemies would come but i'm glad i wasn't the one to drive a horse-drawn carriage over those cobblestones!

Monday 11 July 2016

Egeskov Castle

When I were in Odense with one of my friends we decided to take one of our other old friends under the arm and go to Egeskov Castle which is a little outside Odense. We took both the train and bus to get out there but the bus stops right outside the castle so that was not a problem at all. It was actually really easy.

It is a bit pricy to get in, especially if you are a student but there is A LOT to explore out there. The castle itself is not that big but there is a lot of history in the paintings and the hunting trophies there are basically everywhere. In the attic they have this really creepy wooden statue/doll that is lying on its side and there is myth that says that if you move the statue, the whole castle will destroy itself and simply fall into the water around it. Creepy!
Near the castle there is a little clothes museum with clothes from 1800 century and some of it is a bit older but not much. I found it really fascinating and took a lot of pictures because I love reading and learning about that period of time and I do love the corsages. The clothes are from the servants to the owners of the castle so you can see the different from poor to rich. There are also the different from winter to summer of course. Further down in the area there is another house with more clothes but also the carriages and cars they must have used and other equipment the works used on the castle and of course outside in the garden as well.

The thing I think most people are coming for in the summer is the garden around the castle. It is huge and there are small signs that tell you what all the plants are. We brought some lunch with us and sat on the grass between hundreds of beautiful flowers. As a part of their huge garden they have a labyrinth you can try to solve. It is like in the movies, you can’t look over the hedges and you can’t really cheat. You have to find the center of the labyrinth where there is a platform that leads to the bridge over the labyrinth and out. It took us exactly 15 minutes to find into the center of the labyrinth.
Again we were there a day where people was at school and work but at busy days there will be a employee that will make sure you get out again, If you get lost. They will give you a flag so you can show where you are and they will guide you out.

Something I really enjoyed was the hanging bridges they have made in the trees! In the middle of their own little forest.  It can be very nerve-wracking if you don’t like the height but there is a good view from up there. They also had a huge climbing tower on their playground that I enjoyed. I don’t why but if there is something I can crawl on and up I will always do it. I don’t really care that I am considered an adult in those situations! Haha.

If you are interested they have a huge collection of vintage motorcycles and a showroom for bicycles through the ages. As well as old cars, planes and other machinery that I don’t really know much about but the old London bus caught my attention because I had seen it in movies before. It’s of course fun to see but it has never been a big hobby of mine, but I took some pictures for my parents and grandparents and they were very interested. So you can say that they have something for everyone out at Egeskov Castle.

Photos by my friend Ayla

Odense zoo

A few weeks back I went to Odense with one of my friend to watch her sisters flat aka take the opportunity to get away from home for a while and maybe do some sightseeing in your own country. Even though I have a lot of friends studying in Odense I have never really been other places than their flats and the shopping opportunities. There are a lot of them actually.
I simply have to tell about my way there. I think I had the most unlucky travel ever. First of all I day to get up pretty early and smart as I am, I had decided the day before that I could pack the rest I needed in the morning. Did I do that? Not exactly… So I kind of had to get out and buy some clothes when I got there.

On the way there with the train I heard a huge BUMP and I felt the train run something over and I feared the worst! Then the train driver said in the speaker that he had hit a freaking cow. A COW! So he had to check if the train was okay and we were 15 minutes late (and yes the cow did die). When I went into the next train and there was a man checking my travel card it had somehow stopped working? It had working the moment before when I checked in on the station but it stopped working when I sat in the train. Perfect! So when I got to Odense I had to find the DSB office and get a new card because they had never seen that error before. When we were finally going to take the bus out to the flat I find out that I can’t use the freaking travel card in the busses in Odense yet so my friend had to pay for me. Just me luck?

The first day we spent in Odense ZOO because I have heard they have a Red Panda which is my favorite animal. It didn’t really come out while we were there and I have learned it is a night animal, so I guess I have to be really lucky to see it. We were there on a Tuesday when everyone else was at school and work so we had it almost all to ourselves and we used a lot of time with the giraffes. Right when we went into their area they opened the gate to their house and they all ran in to eat while we were standing there so we were really close to them.  We also used a lot of time with the lemurs. They were jumping around and especially one of them jumps up and sat right above us and stared us down. It almost sounded like it was whining when we tried to go away from it so we were standing and talking to it for quite a while.

Also my friend has a thing for goats so we had to into the “kids zoo” and pet with some goat kids. One of the small goats tried to eat her boots and it was so cute! …Until it tried to eat my shoelaces as well.
They had some very cute manatees you can watch from “under the water” while they eat. They are so big and clumsy and also very cute when they hold onto their salad head when they are eating.
We were at the ZOO for so long that we had to hurry through the penguin area even though they were standing there and almost posing for pictures.

I have to say that even though Odense is not a capital they have a pretty good zoo and you could get pretty close to the animals almost everywhere. (Of course through a glass window or something like it) All their animals seemed happy from our point of view even though they were locked up you know. The lions had so much more space than the ones in Berlin City zoo. But a fun detail is that the lion enclosure was right across the enclosure with the gazelles. The lions looked so desperate to get over there.  The poor lions can't do anything else than look at them every day.

Photos taken by my friend Ayla

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Karup Å koncert 2016

Yet again i went to the yearly event at Hessellund Sø Camping. It is a tradition in our family to go there every year and nothing is changing from year to year except the music.
My uncle and his fiancé came Saturday and my grandparents Sunday so of course i baked some brownies as usual even though it was in between my exams.

This year we had a pretty good lineup considered it was almost only Danish music (which i'm not a big fan of in general). I have never been a fan of Queen and thought i didn't knew any of there songs so i stayed behind when my family went down to listen to Queen Machine. I crawled up in the top of the tower on the playground on the camp site and watched them go on stage from there. It turned out that i knew more of their songs than i thought and i could sing along most of the songs. So i ended up crawling down again and went up close to the stage where i found some of my friends who is actually fans of queens. It was pretty good in the end and a awesome show! The ending where the frontsinger dressed himself as a king was priceless!

Later came Johnny Logan. I know i know... He is kind of old and sings Irish Folk but i actually kind of like it. My dad has always listened to Irish Folk so natually i know many of the songs already. I found a band called Celtic Thunder and they are all extremely talented singers and they pretty much sing alot of the songs that Johnny Logan sings as well. Of course we got all his songs from his entries at Eurovision and i 100% sure that the ladies next to me close to the stage was about to faint when Logan buttoned up some of the buttons in his shirt while singing 'Hold me now'. It was SO funny!!

As the final band came Lars Lilholt Band of course. Again this year they had now members with them and i can't keep up with them anymore. I was with my friends again and sang along to the old songs and was all nostalgic. The drummer was a lot better this year. He was new last year and it was like he hadn't found the real "Lars Lilholt sound" but he was nailing it this year and even gave a small drum solo. I love me some drums!

Friday 24 June 2016

5sos concert 28-05-16

About a month ago i went to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert i bought tickets for even longer time ago!
Not gonna lie; i am still wearing the wristband because Camilla and i had freaking Soundcheck tickets!

THe day before the show i met up with some friend i had never actually met in real life before. They are some other danish fans that i met on twitter. I have known one of them for a longer time because we were both Tokio Hotel fans and somehow became friends on Facebook without acutally knowing each other at some point. But it was super fun and we were kind of waiting for 5 Seconds of Summer to hit the town, because we knew they had a day off. Jokes on us when we had walked around Herning the whole day and we finds out they had been in Aarhus the whole day instead. *sadface*
But it was awesome to finally put some faces on the ghosts i have been writing with online for over a year now!

We were at the venue at 2pm to get in line to get out wristbands and lanyards which said VIP all over them. We were sat in a line on the floor - which was kind of annoying when you are wearing a corset - before we walked in and were sat on the 3 first rows of chair in front of the stage. Sadly Camilla and i were split up and we sat in each our end of the venue doing the soundcheck.
The boys came out and said hello and played Long Way Home which is my favorite song from the first album so the feels hit me so hard right from the start! After that they sat down on the edge of the stage and a microphone was giving around so we could ask them questions. I'm the kind of shy fangirl loser that didn't dare to ask them anything and just sat there ans questioned my existence on this earth...
But it was a nice experience to hear them talk and get kind of "personal" with them in a way that not everyone get to be. Also they were speaking directly to us and not a TV camera or something.

At the concert we were standing as close to the stage as passible in Michael site of the stage. He almost stole the whole show at times because he was dancing or running around the stage all the time. But as the Ashton girl i am, i was standing in the wrong spot! Even though i could not get any close to him, his head was hidden behind a crash the whole concert.

The whole show was awesome and it was nice to hear the new songs live, finally!! But there was two things that kept nagging me.
1. They didnøt play Safty Pin, which i think is weird now that they have the logo from the song all over the album and the internet.
2. The sound was really high pitch at times doing the concert. At first i thought it was only me and didn't mention it, but the morning after when Camilla and i woke up we talked about it and she thought the same. Maybe it was bacause we were standing so close to the stage? We will never know! But it was a good opportunity to take some great photos!

Shout out to my moms new camera!

Majesty of the Seas - my first cruise experience

I thought i wanted to start my post out with a majestic picture of Majesty of the Seas i took from the shore of Cococay.

As a part of our "studytrip" we went on a 5 days cruise with Majesty of the Seas. Officially we were there to study and we did do some tasks while on board but let's face it; It was a pretty awesome vacation trip.

We started out by checking in at Miami Beach and the ship is so big that the first time i could take a picture of the whole ship at once, was the picture above. It still amaze me that there are som many other cruises that are bigger.
When we got on board we were met with this dark and golden colours everywhere and my first thought was "I don't really fit in here, do i?" Because i came in my worn out sandals and a short dress while the other passengers were mostly families that was dressed really nicely. But there was a whole lot of "spring breakers" as well so it kind of made me relax a bit more.
It was awesome to sail out from Miami! We har just sayed at that beach for the past few weeks and seen all the big ships sail out, so it was fun to be on the ship and look down the beach and recognize all the places. I think all my classmates was trying to find our cabins or something so i spoke with a elderly couple that was use to go cruising and they said that Royal Caribbean was the best. Some of the other companies had a lot of very noisy parties while Royal Caribbean is pretty chill. Later we found out that they actually was for everyone, now that they had kids activities, some for everyone and well, some activities for those with a lot of money as well.

Miami Beach
The elevators, the shopping area and the casino.
On our cruise we were sailing at night and explored a new place at day. I don't know why but it made me more comfortable that i could not see how much 'out in the middle of nowhere we were when we were sailing. I will not say that i'm afraid of sailing but i feel more comfortable with driving and flying. It didn't really make it better that the restaurant we were eating on at night was (i guess) right above the motor or something. It was vibration non stop and i had to wear my sea bands while eating so i didn't get sea sick.

And now that we are at the restaurant. One of out assignment on board was to document their ways to do "an extra service" which i felt every evening. The first evening we got their we found the table that was ment for our cabins and the waiter was there immediately. I told him that i was allergic to milk products and he went out to the chef to find out what on the card that was without milk products. He continued to do this every evening before we even got there and could tell me what i could order from that days menu card the second i sat down. He even came with some special bread that was made without milk BEFORE everyone else got their bread. For the dessert he could not promise me something from the card so every evening he came with "what they could make or find without milk" which often resulted in 2-3 different dessert place in front of me before the others even got the dessert card. It was pretty awesome and their brownies without butter was the best thing i have ever tasted!!!
I will marry this brownie one day!
One of the days, after exploring Nassau, my friends went to the pool on board (salt water pool) and some went for a nap so i went to explore the whole ship. I wanted to find the Starbucks which i found out was disguised as a normal coffeeshop because they served other things than Starbucks. But i pretty much walked around and looked lost so one of the employees went up to me and asked if i needed any help and i told him that i was out exploring and i was looking for Starbucks. I ended up getting a full guided tour and the whole ship! The theatre, the casino and the different bars. He also showed me where the captain was sitting, which surprisingly was not on the top but actually at level 10 out of 12 and in the front. I asked the guy more than once if he really had time to show me around for so long and he said it was fine.

I the evenings there were a lot of entertainment you could watch or attend. They had some karoke in the theatre place and later a quiz that got really physical on some strange levels. I didn't participate much but it was freaking fun to watch. The spring breakers was crazy at that point. The last night they had some kind of dance competition on the upper deck that ended out in a Macarena. The waiters at the restaurant also made a show the last night and made a chain dance while some of them balanced thing on their heads; like winebottles! But be aware that it is a "tradition" to swing your napkins in the air if you are not dancing with them. Crumbs are flying everywhere!!!

All in all it was a really cool and fun experience. I would do it again for sure! I can nothing but recommend Majesty of the Seas!

Tips for the trip!
  • All the food is free on board unless you want something fancy like loster for dinner. Even in the small hours you go on the upper deck and get pizza! 
  • Only water, lemonade and stuff like that are included in the prize so i recommend that you buy one of their "drink deals" so you can get free soda and other good stuff! I chose the non-alcohol pack and got free Starbucks instead!
  • Don't be afraid of asking about anything on board! They are all really nice!
  • Attend the evening activities! Even if you are just watching, it is really fun and enjoyable.
  • Go to the upper deck and stand in the front of the boat. It is really windy, but it is so worth it! Also i have heard it should help if you are sea sick. 
  • Look out for sales at "shopping street". They pop up from time to time and you can get some awesome thing for small prices.
  • If you can avoid it, then don't bring the biggest luggage. We were 4 in each room and we could hardly get around in our cabin because of the size on our luggages.
  • Bring nice clothes! At least one of the evenings is "formal"!!! (Thank god for Orlando shopping!) 
The view from my upper bunk bed. Also i had a random mirror behind my pillow..
It's always nice to see your own ugly morning face as the first thing when you wake up.
My "formal" dress

Sunday 19 June 2016

Cococay - Royal Caribbean's own island

The second Island we were visiting in Bahamas was a small island called Cococay. It is owned by the cruise company Royal Caribbean so we were the only ones on the island which was pretty awesome. You had to get another boat into the island, because the water was pretty low around the island, so it took some time to get of the ship. Everyone wanted to get out at the same time, but the other boats were pretty small comparing to Majesty of the Seas.
The island is full of activity you can buy a ticket to at the cruise. My friends and i rented some snorkling gear and i went snorking for the first time.
I am an old professionel swimmer so i didn't think much of it at first because i know i can do that shit, but it was a whole other feeling to it, when you can only breath through your mouth. I got a hang of it pretty quickly but i didn't like to dive with the thing in my mouth. So when ever i wanted to get close to some of the colourful fish i took it out and just dived without it. I felt a little too claustrophobic.

A sad thing about my snorkling trip was that the corals was pretty much dead. They were very grey and colourless, so the amount of fish was also at a minimum. I actually adressed the issue in a short report i made for my exam about ethical tourism, you can read it here. But one thing i totally loved was the parts from a ship that was spread across the bottom of the sea. The fish that was left was all over those part. There was actually a small plane there as well. I guess they have been placed there but it was beautiful to see anyways. I'm still angry at myself that i could not find a underwater camera. Of course i found it at the small market as soon i gave the rental station their gear back. Typical!

One thing i absolutly loved was the fact that it was Royal Caribbean's own island so all the food and drinks was included in the cruise ticket, so you only needed your room card. There is some locals from other islands that takes a boat out there and sells stuff, so it could be smart to bring som money, but if you don't need souvenirs then you grab the free towel from the cruise and go on land.
The island can do it all. Lying on the beach all day or parasailing? You can do what you want!

The view of Majesty of the Seas from the shore.
Picture borrowed from one of my classmates. Taked with a GoPro.