Tuesday 31 March 2015

Black Veil Brides Concert - Amager Bio - March 29th

The first of three concert is now over and wow it was quite an experience!
I have been a fan of Black Veil Brides for 4-5 years now and this was my first concert with them. As i wrote here they have been in Denmark two times before without me being there to support them so i was hella happy that i was there this Sunday!

I have never been to a real Metal concert before, only a small metal night with "local bands" in a small club, so this was all new for me. My hands are wrecked because of work so when i started clapping it hurt like hell. But i quickly found out that clapping was not the thing at a metal concert. Simply just show your appreciation by satans fingers \m/ 

I became a fan of (one of) the warm ups which was Fearless Vampire Killers! A london band with an awesome sound and a great (and hot) leadsinger Kier. If you like Black Veil Birdes then i think you should check them out! 

And now to the serious fangirling!
I just have to say that Andy Biersack is the most perfect human that walks this planet. You will never understand how perfect he is to me. I almost didn't feel worthy to see him live in action. His smile through the concert was almost too much and i don't think i have been screaming so much my whole life. It was a perfect concert. Though he didn't take of his shirt.. shame but his bandmate Ashley revealed his famous "Outlast" tattoo so i'm not disappointed.

The fact that CC was so ready for the show that he broke the drums at the first song was only a plus! It gave Andy some times to talk about their Copenhagen adventure on bikes, which i have never seen coming. A metal band around my little country on bikes.. well. 

Monday 16 March 2015

A pretty good concert year 2015

I have to say - for once the time can only go by too slow!

I am a big music lover and i live for two things.. Traveling and concerts! Seing a band live is so much better than hearing the CD on repeat. I already have some big bands and musicians on my list of concerts. Bon Jovi, Tokio Hotel, Green Day, Joan Jett, Linkin Park and Bryan Adams are some of them... i really need to write this stuff down, because some of them is sooo long ago now.

Anyway i have a few conerts planed for this year! Actually my top 3 artists right now, so i feel pretty lucky! Here is my top 3!

1. If you know me, you will know about this. 5 Seconds of Summer is coming to Denmark May 12th! I got the tickets back in July and they were sold out in 3 days. They are my favorite thing right now and their twitter is the first thing i check in the morning to be honest! (I know i'm sad) So this is THE concert for me this year! And it's only a plus that i'm going with one of my oldest friends Camilla!

2. It was hard to pick a second but i have to say Black Veil Brides is a band im also super and over excited to see March 29th. They have been in Denmark 2 times before where i planed to go but first time they canceled the same morning, because the leadsinger Andy was sick. Lucky for me i was an active user of twitter back then and saw that the bassist wrote on twitter, that Andy was not even in Denmark yet. There was no way he could get there in time so i stay home from school for nothing! Second time i could not afford the train ride to Copenhagen... BUT THIS TIME!!! I will get there and i am going alone! Because no one i know likes them that much. *sadface*

3. Im sorry i had to put these guys third but All Time Low is finally coming to Denmark!! Or it's first time i hear about at least.
I have been a smaller fan of these guys for sooo long. It was back when i discovered Tokio Hotel and started to listen to.. well that kind of music. Around 7-8 years ago? I started to go back to them this year and i preorderd their new album that comes out in April and im excited for the concert!
Well it is a festival and im going with my friend Maja since she likes them too! I guess Robbie Williams is coming that day as well, but All Time Low is the reason i want to go to this Festival (Tinderbox) that was unknown to me until Maja told me that All Time Low was coming to Denmark June 28th.

Monday 9 March 2015

WIP pictures of Playing kitten

I have been drawing a lot of portraits lately so when i was watching some cute cat videos i figures i needed to add a little kitten to my gallery on DeviantArt!

Sunday 8 March 2015

Next trip: Berlin!

I have finally got my mom and dad out of their cave agian and made plans for us. Last time i dragged them to London for their first ever big city experince and though they thought it was "not a vacation" and "to much walking" i convinced them to go to Berlin this spring.

My dad is very interested in second World War (and hard rock cafe *cough*) and i have a craving for traveling everywhere outside Denmark really. I have been there 3 times before, so i can show them around, like i could in London.

I haven't found out completely what we are going to do/see in Berlin yet. My mom and dad are really to calm when they travel anywhere and doesn't want to make plans until the day arrives because planing is too stressfull, Though i need to have some ideas and find out where to find them in Berlin, because we don't get to see anything if i don't do something.

Until now i only know that my dad wants to visit Check point Charlie and the Hard Rock Cafe which doesn't take 6 days.

(Old picture from 2012)

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Aarhus - Shopping and ARoS

Last week i ended up in Aarhus on a one-day trip with a friend. It was first planed the day before now that i didn't know if i had work or not.

We where there so early that the stores were not opened yet. We used the time to go up and down the escalators in Bruuns Galleri and i guess people around us though we were crazy. But we were amused!

Anyway it was only casual shopping but we are both choosy in what we buy so it didn't take many hours before we were done. We didn't want to go home now that we told our old people that we wouldn√łt be home for dinner, so we ended up googling the famous art museum ARoS and found our way there.

It's 90DKK per person under 28 and it's quite fun to be there! You don't have to be into art to have great time. There is a lot of thing to experience right now. Smoky rooms with a lot of colours (hard to explain but very cool!) and buttons to press. There was the most creepy oldfashion carousel which played spooky music and it started laughing too. It was a bit like a horror house!
And of course we said hello to the famous art piece Boy by Ron Mueck.

Ayla as a beautiful peice of art

In the rainbow panorama

Boy.... and Ayla's fingers

Sunday 1 March 2015

The new job as a service guide

Well it's not all new.

A few weeks ago i got a job as a Service guide in a mall. It's not something that is common in Denmark, so people don't really know why i'm there yet, but that only makes it more fun!
You meet so many kinds of people and they are all so postive when they meet you and hear why i'm actually there.

I really like helping people and that's kind of why i ended up on Service & CO guideschool. Though i did not get a job ontside Denmark (yet) i can still be a guide and that makes me happy! Also i can save up some money to go traveling sometimes next year - but more about that later!

One thing i have made a thought or two about is the uniform...  Not that it's ugly but green is not my colour and will never be! But i guess the colour makes it easier for people to notice me.