Saturday 1 June 2013

Compliments on small notes

So.. I am reading this book called Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher and its about a girl called Hannah who committed suicide. Before her death she recorded herself on tape telling thirteen people why they had a part of the reason why she committed suicide. She put all these tapes in a box and sends it to the first person on the tapes. After the people have hear them, they have to send them to the next person whos name is named after them on the tapes.

In the tapes we hear about something i really like. In her class they have these bags they decorate and puts their names on. Its for compliments! If you think someone is very brave or maybe someone got a new haircut, but you are too shy to tell them face to face, you can write a little note to them, and out it in their bag. Then they can check their bag and get a lot of compliments and feel good by themself.

Im sure that there are a lot of people out there who keeps a lot of compliment to themself! I think it is kind of sad, because someone, like the girl in the book, really need them! It gives them a extra push or can make their whole day!
it could be great if every class or school could have something like that, if people can use it the right way!
-In the story she does not get any hate notes, but there is a guy who steals her notes, so she think that no one cares about her.

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