Sunday 22 November 2015


I went to a psychologist. I'm fine! Nothing to worry about really! I just got things out that i have been kinda afraid to share with people but i was also told some things by the psychologist that was really helpful to know.

I'm a introvert. I knew that before i talked to her. But i have always seen as a burden. I never said anything in calss and got some bad grades out of it. I am a listner rather than a speaker. I can be soical, but I LOVE being alone. Well.. too much.

And that is my problem. Okay. I got an appointment because i had quite a melt down at a school event were there was a party and some sleepover going on and i could not handle it.
My new classmates are great and already the first week I said to a few of them that i could be a bit anxiously when there was too many people around and there was so much new stuff going on around me. This event was a whole academy sleepover thingy so there was a lot of people everywhere. Drunk people. 
It's all because of a really bad middle school experience that i don't drink. Not that anything bad happened to me, but i didn't want to do it and becuase of it, i didn't really have any friends and when i spoke to the teachers about it they basically told me to drink so i could get friends... Yeah.. No thanks.

So i think it clicked for me when i bought my soda and someone was pointing out that i wasn't drinking. I have been made fool of so many times because of it.. so I went outside quick before i started crying infront of everyone. Those two people i told i was anxious saw it and i got a nice talk with one of my teachers and she signed me up for a talk with the psychologist.

We spoke about how i was treated in 8-9. grade and how that has affected. It basiclly all started there because of the bullying. She said i most likly has social phobia because of it. But it was totally normal! She said "It is a normal reaction to something abnormal." because people should not be bullied. It's not normal! She told me how awesome it was that i actually got through the guideschool and that i knew that i had a problem. I should just stop being too harsh on myself, because it's normal and not my fault. 

And the thing about being introvert. There is nothing wrong about it! It's acutally quite awesome. We are doing the thinking while extroverts are doing the talking. We are the brains, the master minds behind it all! We should embrace it! Not try to hide it away and pretend to be extrovert like the rest. It is always awkward as hell anyway. Only around 10% of the population in Denmark is introvert and that's why we never get a fair chance anywhere, but i really hope that people will open their eyes and see the potential in the two kinds of people like they did when they accepted that some people were actually lefthanded and there was nothing wrong with it! 

Monday 9 November 2015

Soundcheck tickets for 5sos!

I am SO excited about this!
Last month I managed to get these holy tickets for 5 Seconds Of Summers upcoming Tour 'Sounds Live Feels Live'!
I must say i was so nervous that morning that i cound not eat and my stomach hurted. I had to leave class 15 min before the sale that started at 10AM because i was jumping up and down in the chair. Basiclly! I'm pretty sure that those who saw me in the common area thought i was on something xD

But i refreshed the page 100 times and was on skype with some other fans who also wanted tickets.
I was very close to screaming when i saw i got the tickets for me and Camilla. I was shaking so much of excitement that i had a hard time writing my credit card infromation so i could pay for them.

I got the freaking soundcheck tickets so we can watch them already at soundcheck and after that they will sit down and let us talk a bit with them. Ask some questions and stuff. After that we have some crazy good spots in front of that stage on the left which is Michaels side of the stage!!

Thursday 5 November 2015

Halloween this year!

Nothing much was going on but it was very cozy.
Only a few friends was here and we were watching "scary movies" and I bought a lot of weird halloween snacks for us. Actually we didn't get to see the movie i most of all wanted to see. I have never seen Hocus Pocus but we started it and it crashed and we gave up because we were to tired to wait for it to work.
Denmark is still not the place for Halloween so we don't have children walking around and asking for candy so to do SOMETHING to make it a bit scary we went outside in the awkward dark tried to make my camera work and took some creepy pictures. We did a little makeup (ok maybe a little lot) to make it better. I really don't hope my neighbors could see us running around in the wet backyard with a ladder to hold the camera, some camping chairs and a lit pumpkinhead.

Sunday 1 November 2015

WIP pictures of Michael CLifford

I have been kind of MIA on this blog and i'm sorry about that but here i try again and comes with a WIP post about a drawing i did a while back of Michael Clifford from 5sos. 
5sos is my favorite band at the moment and i get a lot of friendships out of it, so there was kind of a pressure on me to draw another band member. Well a pressure to draw Michael acutally, because i know 3 Michael girls.