Tuesday 18 June 2013

Blog challenge day 7: Write a story on at least 100 words about toes

forgive me father for i have sinned!!! I forgot... day 6... omg.. i failed >.<
I have to make up to that somehow!!! o.o  Anyway!!!

Once upon a time there were five toes. Big toe and little toe was very happy… or most of all big toe, because everyone knew who they were. Many hated little toe because he always got hurt or ran into things and the other toes had to stop and wait until he could go again. But people knew who he was. The other three toes were depressed because people did not know their names or anything. They were just there! So they made a group and entered X-factor, but everyone think they stink! People have seen them on TV and laughed at them but they will still say. “You know those toes? From the x-factor? What were their names? I don’t know, but they stink! MUhahah!”
-The end

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