Thursday 26 June 2014

My Harry Potter geek pictures

As i promised in this post i would scan in some pictures i got of myself at the Warner Bros. studios when i tried the green screen. It was really cool and some random guy was standing and telling me what to do. Like lean left, right or reach for the water when i was flying across the lake. I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a Slytherin cloak (house pride you know!), so i was wearing a gryffindor costume as i got my pictures taken.

This one is by far the best! The other one is just boring.

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Danish Airshow 2014

Another weekend another event!
After a really great reunion party with my old class Saturday i had to get up early Sunday to get to the Danish Airshow at Air Base Karup. This year it seams like there was more people... but i read on their home page that there was over 120.000 people visiting! That is a lot!!!

Anyway! I don't know a lot about planes or helicopters but it was extreme fascinating to see what they can do! I was really amazed by the last planes called Red Arrows! Google says they are the british Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team and they were really good!
I have a lot of videos as well but my files are sooo big that it will take ages to upload so i don't know if im going to yet.

Sunday 15 June 2014

Karup Å Koncert 2014

Yet again yet again!
i think it's 15. year in a row i have been to the Karup Å koncert! I really enjoy it though! It's a weekend with family, friends and good music! Well not all of the music are good but you can just stay in the caravan if you don't want to hear it.
I baked a Apple and cinnamon cake now that it is a tradition that my grandparents comes and visit us and to see the flea market near the campsite. And i just like baking..

In the evening Lars Lilholt came on the stage, which is the main reason everyone is there. For the first time i had my SLR camera with me so i tried to get infront of the stage to get some nice pictures, while my family stayed behind. I did not get too close and im not the tallest person in the world so my pictures were a little shitty in the start, but an extremely nice (and handsome!) guy saw me with my camera and help me closer to the stage and was standing by my side the rest of the time i was in front of the stage to make sure that no one was comming near me and my expensive camera with their beer and all that. And he made people in front of me move! xD  it was so cool! But i didn't get to talk with him that much :C

Also i met some old friends i haven't really been talking to in ages! It was soo good to see them again and i really want to get more in contact with them again before i go to spain!

Sunday 8 June 2014

London shopping: Random edition

I was looking through all the stuff i got in London and realized i got a lot of other stuff thean what i have been showing here before. 
It's really random stuff so i have been putting the pictures together to get through it quick.

 Manga! Manga manga manga! From forbidden planet. This is my favorite manga series and they got it on sale. I got a few of them before for my birthday, but now that i got these 6 i only need two more to have the whole series in paperback! *.*
Uuuh and i found Death Note 1 and 2 on DVD! in the start i got the worng DVD and the guy behind the disk asked if i wanted the first one cause it was only a side story i got and i was like... yeah?? but instead of letting me go get it he called over the speaker that he needed the DVD and a man with only one arm came with it for me xD  they were so kind to me! Maybe because i was the only girl in the shop.. like.. it was sooo geeky that most of the guys looked at me weird like i didn't belong in there.

As the tea lover i am, i cound not go to England without getting some tea right? I didn't know what to get! I needed it all but i only had one suitcase to all of my things so i ended up with only these 3 kind.
The first and perriest one is from the giftshop as Buckingham Palace! It was soo pretty and it is a Ceylon tea!

The other two.. i don't know what it is xD Well the one from Chinatown says nothing in english only "Oolong tea" I had to google it to found out that it is actually a really coveted tea. Really good actually.
The other one is also Chinese but is from Marks&Spencer. i haven't tried this one yet. Embarrassing.

Fatty or not fatty? That is not the question. I bought too much candy over there. I was only in London for a week and could not taste it all when i was there so i had to buy something to take home. It's always fun to try out some other countries candy.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

London Shopping: Clothes edition

Im am very disappointed with my shopping gene here! I was in soo many stores and i looked at so much clothes but i did not really buy that much!!!

I found a Forever 21 on Oxford Street and i was crazy excited cause i have been looking at their page sooo many times before and cursing over the shipping. They have a lot of cool stuff but the day i was at Oxford Street i had one of those days (sadly) where i was thinking "Do i really need this?" Instead of buying everything i liked... Not to mention it again, but i lost a lot of weight and my summer clothes was too big for me, so i needed some shorts.

These are kind of high wasted so i guess they will do great with a crop top!
And they had a big section with Sleep Wear. so yeah! I like the dog print (/*.*)/

In every souvenir shop they had a lot of different London shirts and all that. A lot of them was really ugly but i think this one was a great souvenir without it screaming "this is a souvenir from London!" 

Sorry for exposing my belly fat on the blog but i got this super cute crop top from H&M! i love everything Japanese/chinese and the cats on the shirt is the japanese lucky cat Maneki-neko. Normally you get the cat in small statues and they are like a lucky charm or talisman and you can get them in different colours. Every colour have a meaning. The white is for good luck generally and the black for good health. This must be my new lucky shirt!

Embarrassing but i was looking for a Victoria's Secret for a looong time but never found it. It should be somewhere in the Soho area but... yeah.. this genius forgot the map. LUCKY FOR ME they had one in the airport.. a rather small one sadly.. but i did get some underwear from there.. not that i want to take pics of it.. but here is the cute bag i got!

Sunday 1 June 2014

Monthly Favorites: May

Best experience: As the Harry Potter geek i am i have to say it was when i was i London visiting the Warner Bros. studios the making of Harry Potter! It was amazing! You can read about it here and see some of my pictures!

Favorite movie: Just yesterday i was in the cinema with a friend and watched Maleficent. It wsa not what i expected but it was really good! Go watch it now! We saw it in 3D and it i a really well made movie! But it's Disney so... i can't be shitty, right? 

Favorite TV-series: Awkward! I was about to be Team Luke but in the clip from the next episode it looks like he is cheating... i don't know anymore?! I like Matty but he is just annoying by now :(

Favorite song: Andy Biersack (leadsinger in Black Veil Brides) has started a solo project called Andy Black and he made this single and its really good!

Favorite band/singer: Eric Saade. I don't know why i have been in such a Eurovision mood but Eric Saade is one of my all time favorites that ever have been in Eurovision. He did not made it to the international final the first time he was in the swedish eurovision 2009, but he came in third the year after!

Favorite youtuber: Nick Pitera! He is the one man disney movie and he have done it again! I found out that he made a video for Oh my Disney and he is playing a whole village by himself! It is a song from Beauty and the Beast and you can watch it here!

Favorite youtube video: There is something wrong with you if you don't know who Maru the cat is! 

Favorite game: The Classic.. the game i have been playing the most through time: The Sims 3! I can't remember that i have been playing other games this month so i have to say Sims! I have so many games i have to try im just really lazy at this point.

Best buy: Uuuh it's so hard cause i have spend sooo much money in this month it's crazy! But.. hmmm... i guess it's my Harry Potter mugs xD   as i write here, i have been looking for these mugs forever and i found them at the Warner Bros. studios!

Favorite tea: When i was in Chinatown in London i found a little shops with only Chinese, japanese and korean things and i found this package with tea with NO information on it beside it said Oolong Tea. I tried it yeasterday and i guess i really like it? I have only tried it once now and it is really strong which i like. Kind of like a black tea, but not quite. It's hard to explain really.

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