Friday 14 June 2013

Blog challenge day 3: Weirdest family tradition

For the third day i have to tell about a weird family tradition, but honestly we don't have so many traditions.
Our Chistmases are normal and.. yeah..

Okay maybe its weird that we are eating snails new year's eve, but hey! Its something my dad learn from when he lived in France.

So i thought of something... weird we use to do. I don't think you can call it a tradition, but it is something we have done almost every summer for 8 years or something.
We are always in Rüdesheim in the summer. A nice town in southern Germany and very close to the border to France, so we can visit my dads family too. I always ALWAYS have my inliners with me and because of that my mom and dad ALWAYS sends me into town (or what you will call it) to get some... BRETZELS!!!
And yes.. we are kind of freaky with those thing and the first few year my dad noticed that they got smaller!!

So every year we are down there, we always take a picture.. of a bretzel... next to a beer or a soda so you can tell how much smaller it have become since the year before... xD
A few years ago my dad took one of the first pictures with him into town and showed it to the guy who makes the bretzels, that they where much bigger back then, but he totally denied it!!

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