Saturday, 27 August 2016

I'm going to Comic Con!

Finally something is happening!
In about a month i will travel across the country to get to my first ever con! And as awesome it can be, it's Comic Con in Copenhagen September the 24-25. It's the first time that Comic Con is being held in Denmark and i'm very excited to see how it will be!

As i said, it's my first con so i don't know what to expect. There will be a few celebs attenting and giving autographes and stuff but people say it's a pretty weak program. I don't really konw myself because i don't watch Game of Thrones or Arrow and where the celebs are from. But i have heard that there will be an actor from Fear the Walking Dead which could be awesome to meet, now that i'm a big fan of the show! 

Anyway i'm mostly excited to see all the cosplays! There will be some cosplay competitions along the weekend and i hope to see all of them! I'm really impressed what people can craft out of nothing and some of them are so well made and they really look like their characters. 
I'm, of course, going to cosplay as well and i'm going to make it over the weekends up until Comic Con. I have a few costumes already but i have fallen in love with a new character from a video game. Nathan Drake from Unchanted is sooo freaking cool and even though his.. well a dude... i need to cosplay him! It's actually pretty simple now that he's a normal guy in bad situations. I'll try to make a genderbend version of him, so i really don't have to look like a guy because.. with my body shape.. it's pretty much impossible. 
Another thing that is impossible... His freaking Gun holster. He has this really cool shoulder gun holster that is crazy expensive apparently. So i bought some faux leather and now i'll try to do it myself. God, i hope i can pull this off.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

My internship so far

I have now been an intern for a bit over a month and it has been great so far.
I am an intern at Visit Viborg aka the tourist information in Viborg, one of the oldest cities in denmark. I of course know a lot of Viborgs history by now, because they send me out to see all the cool stuff around town, so i'm not just sitting at my disk 24/7.

Until now i have been on VIborg Museum to see an exhibition about Olsen Banden and of course the history of Viborg. They have made some really cool cartoons that teels you the story of an German that got shot in the butt in Viborg in 1600s or something. And yes.. this is true and his skeleton is actually on show, though the bullet is nowhere to be found. But is pretty amusing. 
I have learned a great bit about the big fire in 1726 where the whole city burned down exept 3-4 houses that is actually still there in Sct. Mogens Gade. It actually very exciting.

When i'm in the office a lot of people call in to order a guide trip around Viborg or renting the tourist boat and i'm managing some of those trips. So i have been with one of our many guides around the city and got told a lot of history. Not as much as i wanted, because it was a 5. grade class she was showing around and they were 100% brats all the time, but i talked a bit with the guide while we were walking from place to place. 
The boat ride is a 1½ hour trip around the two lakes of Viborg. It was awesome weather the day me and the other intern went sailing so i actually got a little sunburned. The Captains are so nice all of them and they come up to the office from time to time. The same thing with the guides.

When i'm at the office i am doing a lot of different tasks. I help the visiters that comes around the office for information about Viborg and sometimes other places in Denmark. I do a bit of social media from time to time and i am going through their database with hotels, B&Bs, attractions and all that stuff and makes sure that they all have a description and is translated to english and german. 
At the moment i am doing a huge statistic task over the online bookings which i have done for a week now. 

I am going to be at the office for 2 more month and i am doing an assignment while there about the place, but i'm not sure what to write about yet. My teacher haven't really giving us a assignment description, so it's kind of hard to get started you see. Hopefully she will put it up soon, because i don't want to sit in my fall vacation and make this assignment, when i have had 3 month to do it. 

Viborg Cathedral

Monday, 1 August 2016

Ree park - The danish safari + Kalø castle ruin

So my old roomie from the guide school wrote me friday while i was at work because she finally got another guidejob and have to leave Denmark again pretty soon, so we have to see each other as much as possible before she leaves. She asked if i wanted to go to Ree Park because she felt like it and i was like.. okay!
So i ended up driving 130km+ to get to Ree Park. We made an agreement to be there 11.15 so we could see the lions get fed but we are both crazy about being on time so we were both there before 11... yeah.. We were great roomies back then. Always the first two to be in class!

Anyway i have never really been going to all the feedings at any zoo or animal park but apparently that's the thing she goes for so i just walked along. I was shocked at first by the way they fed the lion. We were stading there watching this beautiful male lion on his stone and suddently there was a freaking giraffe leg behind me. They ask people to help them throw it over the fence to the lion. That happened... Not that i did it, but i stood close enough to get it in the head, if i didn't take a step to the side.
They also fed the cheetahs while we were there and they put part os their food on a string and made them run for their food. It was awesome to see how fast the animal could actually run. I wish i actually got some pictures of them springting but it was so hard to get a good picture of them. What i did get some pictures of was the leopards! They got a kitten and it was the cutest thing ever!!

Of course we bought the safari trip as well and drove around between the giraffes, rhinos and some kind of gazelles that my friend could name by heart because of her last Africa job. Not jelly or anything...
And one last thing.. I didn't see any red pandas this time either. I swear they hate me or something. They are my favorite animal of all time but i have never seen one in real life because ever time i visit a animal park or zoo that actually have red pandas, they are always hiding. I know they are night animal but come on!

After we went to Ree Park we drow to Kalø Castle Ruin which is a castle from 1320, or well.. the rest of it. It lays a two km walk out in the water with only a wide path with old cobblestones and a whole lot of careless cows. It's on the top of a small hill which makes it a perfect place to see if any enemies would come but i'm glad i wasn't the one to drive a horse-drawn carriage over those cobblestones!