Saturday 25 May 2013

Monday 20 May 2013

Hummel bikini - Which color?

So im happy about dropping a lot of weight, but i can't swim now without my bikini is falling of.. believe me.. i tried this weekend and the bikini bottom fell right of when i was pushing from the side of the pool -.- 
The one i have is the black one, and i want a new one in the same cut, but i don't know which color.
Which color is best?

Saturday 11 May 2013

I love tea<3

I was in Germany yesterday and I found this cute tea box for only 3€!!! I had to buy it o.o

Thursday 9 May 2013


So yeah!
Last weekend i finally went to prom :3
I have had my dress since january, so i have been watching it almost every day and waiting to put it on!
I must admit that i have tried it on a few times while being home alone xD
It was a great night and the Lancier went very well even though i was stepping on my dress 8 times or something -.-
My grandparents on both sides came and saw me dance o.o  but i was only seeing them shorly before we should stand in the row and wait for our turn to go in the hall. It was freaking scary!

New in blog!

Agagagag hello there!
I think i want to make a change on my blog, and start to write in English. 
In the future im going to use my english a lot, so why not start now.
Im not going to delete my old posts in danish! and i want to say sorry from the start, cause my english is not the best xD
Bye bye!