Tuesday 17 February 2015

The red Pyramid Rick Riordan - review

The red pyramid is the first book in the Kane Chronicles...

..And i can say that i am hooked! 
The book is build in a funny way. In the start of the book the author writes a little note about how he wrote it all down from a recording by two kids. Through the book it switches between the two main characters - Sadie and Carter - who i telling the story and who is coming with small comments in between. It's literally a fight between siblings throughout the book. 

The reason i pick it up, was because i just finished the first book about Percy Jackson and loved how Rick Riordan wrote. On top of that i can't get enough of mythologies. Percy Jackson is about Greek Mythology and that's all cool and stuff, but when i found out that the same guy wrote a series about Egpyt Mythology i just knew i would love the book. 

One thing i have to admit - there is a lot of diffrent gods and goddesses to keep an eye on. Now that i already knew a lot about Egypt Mythology it was quite easy for me. But i think you will come to a point in the book where you have to google something or simply look in the back of the book where the author has made a little lidt of all the gods, goddesses, creatures and in short form tell what they do.

The story is very much unlike many others. I tried the whole time to figure out what whould happend next, but the story takes so many turnes very quick that you often sit with a "What just happend?"- feeling. In a good way! 

So if you likes Percy Jackson (book or movie ey?) i think you will love this/these books as well! I rushed down to the library to get the second book the same day i finished the first. And yes im that kind of girl that also looks for good fan fictions about the books :3

(I updated my goal on goodreads from 17 to 20 books in 2015, now that i already read 6 books)

Monday 9 February 2015

WIP pictures of Gandalf the Gray

Yet another fan drawing. It is pretty much the only thing i draw to be honest! 
This one was a request from a friend who is a big Lord of the Ring fan. Not that i'm not a fan, but you know.

I made a list on DeviantArt of people/characters i want to draw in the future! Then you can see what to expect on the blog in the future.