Saturday 1 March 2014


So today is a special day! No not because it's Justin Biebers birthday... but because it's 4 years ago i was to my one and only Tokio Hotel concert!
Why is this so special?

Well i have been a fan since January 2008. And yes i know it was January because it was that month we got internet in the house xD

But i was in Copenhagen and i was sitting outside Forum from around 10am. The concert was at 8pm, and it was actually snowing xD  But my mom and dad came with food to me and my friend and bought us some pillows to sit on! It wasn't not that bad and it was my dad that was sick..not me! wuhu!

I was standing in second row and fought for my spot! But i will never forget it... i was sooo close to Bill omg *.*

Here you have some pics from the concert.. maybe some of them has been up here last year og the year before.. but here you have them again then!

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