Sunday 9 March 2014

Daddy adventure

I call it daddy adventure bacuse my dad wanted to drive around and see everything and nothing. It was a beautiful weather so we started going to the camp site where our caravan is and our neighbor were out there too and they had their beautiful long-haired German shepherd with them and i can't keep my fingers from it *.*  it's so fluffy!!!

Randomly when my dad was hungry we found a hot dog stand which sells a few CD... because that's the most normal.. u know... not
But i actually found a CD with Bowling for Soup!! Which is something you normally can't find everywhere! It was a pretty awesome find!

But we ended up at the little island called Fur and got lost.. which we though was impossible because it is so small.. but yeah xD  We kind of did and ended up at a beach we have never been at before and my one of my friends encouraged my to go on a hunt for fossils. I found two actually!

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  1. I still don't like Fur, but omg the fossil with the little flower, that's kind of cool!