Sunday 2 March 2014

Monthly Favorites: February

For the first time i'll try to do this monthly favorites which was a idea me, Maja from RandomDanishCitizen and Lonnie from PlottingBunnies came up with! I know it's seen before but we made our own list. I am not that fancy so i can write about new makeup products every month or a miraculous cream to my ugly face so yeah... This is a bit more personal u know! The tea thing is my thing.. beucause it is te thing i drink the most and i collect tea. Like seriously!

Best experience: I guess im going to say the same thing as Maja. Our little "date" with pizza and comedy. Jacob Wilson is one of my favorite comedians and i think the tickets was super cheap. I really like him because everything is not perverted like so many other comedians! And you can relate to some of the stories he tells.. Well Maja mostly but yeah xD
Favorite movie: I think it was Monsters University :3  Im a big Disney fan and i really liked the first movie when i was younger. Im really glad that i have ViaPlay so i can watch some newer movies without going to the cinema all the time. Though i enjoy it, but im not rich!
Favorite TV-series: No doubt. This month it is Walking Dead like i have been writing about earlier. I'm totaly in love with this series now! It's very fascinating to see how people may react if some kind of apocalypse. Will it really be survival of the fittest or will we keep our humanity? You will never know... or and one more think...DARYL!!! He is so awesome omg
Favorite song: A Youtuber called Kimmi Smiles made a pop/punk cover version of Kiss the Girl from The little mermaid which is really good! She is in general a really good singer, but i like the way she makes the songs into her own style!
Favorite actor: If you had asked me this every other moment i would say Johnny Depp, but not this time! Sorry Depp! This month i will say it's Norman Reedus! The dude playing Daryl in Walking Dead. God he is so cool!
Favorite band/singer: All time low! Yes! They were in Denmark in the end of February and i didn't get to see them, which just made me hear them much more than before. Just to make myself feel bad xD
Favorite youtuber: I really like FunForLouis videos at the moment. He is traveling around the world and filming it all. It is really good inspiration if you are interested in traveling and if you want to visit some of the places too some day.
Favorite youtube video: A video called Disney Dudez by TodrickHall. It's about the disney princesses breaking up with the princes and them the princes starts a boyband xD  it sounds really weird, but if you like disney, you will like this one!
Favorite game: Lord of the Ring Online Game! Even though it have been some time since i played this game, then it is the game i have spent most time playing since i finished school. It's free to download from Steam and it's a MMO game so i use to play it with a friend!
Best buy: My Vagabond boots! I ruined my last pair of boots and i can't drive the car in my high heeled boots so i needed a new pair and i found a pair of Vafabond boots which was on sale! They were 1000DKK before, but i got them for 500DKK.
Favorite tea: This one a special for me! Maja does not drink tea, but i don't drink anything else... well kind of. I drink a lot of tea! I have had a period with spicy teas but lately i have found my Earl Grey again! It's kind of boring, but Earl Grey is simply one of the best teas ever.

You can read Maja's Fabruary favorites here.

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