Wednesday 12 March 2014

I did a 'av' thing

Yesterday i was finally seing some of my friends again :D  we don't reallt see each other that often now that we finished school and they move away or you simple run out of money so you can't visit them.. ermh... xD

But we met in the city and Lonnie should have her navel pierced and Maja should have a upper ear pierced as well. I have been thinking about getting my upper ear pierced for a long time too (i actually made a deal with myself, that i should do it the same day i got my driving license), but i simple never dared to do it, but i did it this time! I saw Maja do it and even though they laughed at me when i sat down in that damn chair (grrrh), i did it! Aargh!

What i didn't think of, is that i can't really wear my glasses now and i got it pierced in the right side, which is the side im sleeping on.. emh... so i didn't really sleep very well last night, but it will stop hurt sometime soon i guess xD

Uh! And even though i walked past it sooo many times but i did buy the Fahrenheit game this time xD  it was super cheap but i don't know yet if my computer is too new to play it, because it's from 2005 and made for a windows XP. It is one of my biggest problems lately now that i have the time to play my old games again.

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