Friday 28 March 2014

Sorry Norman Reedus.. i forgot how to art!

It have been a long time since i used my charcoal pencils cause im getting more use to draw on my drawing tablet now, so when i decided i wanted to draw my new ermh... *cough* old man crush *cough* i didn't know how to even start xD

I made a sketch with my normal 4B pencil before i started with the charcoal pencils cause they are not made for thin almost invisible lines! anyways i was staring at this sketch for.. i don't know how long, cause i forgot how to draw all of the sudden O.O

And i though it was a "throw outer" when i started with the eyes but i guess it went pretty well?? but the crossbow was a bitch.. and i don't want to play with bitches so it is shaded and nothing else cause OMG die crossbow...

I am not happy about the result but it's okay i guess..

My very beloved charcoal pencils in the right in different tones! The blending stumps in a must have if you want a lot of shades and i use a napkin under my hand so i don't ruin the drawing. 

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