Thursday 20 March 2014

My workout program week 1

A week ago i found some workout videos on Youtube i started to like. Mostly because one of them promisted me a flat stomach in 5 minutes.. well if i do it once a day or something.

I don't know for how long im going to make these exercises (or how often im going to forget them) but i have done them for a week now (every day!) and i think i can feel the changes. Not that my bum is rounder or you can see my stomach is flatter, but the exercises is not that hard anymore and there was a few of them that was so painful that i have to give up, but today i made them, even though they were painful as hell o.o

All the exercises videos is from a youtube channel called Blogilates run by a girl named Cassey. She is professionel and sells DVDs and workout clothes too. She have sooo many videos and you can easily find some videos who fits to you and what you need :3

I made a playlist im going through every day which is right here if you want to join me! Im working on my hips, stomach and thighs which is my "problem". 

This one is a killer even though it looks harmless!

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