Monday 24 February 2014

Walking Dead

Yes yes now it is my turn to say I FREAKING LOVE WALKING DEAD!!!

A few weeks ago i have only seen Pewdiepie, Cry and other youtubers play the game with Lee and Clementine but i am now seening the TV series and im really in love!

First i thought the walkers was sooo nasty and i was afraid that i would have bad dreams or something, but now im you laughing when the walkers are extra nasty!

But i really like the characters! Even more than i loved the characters in the game!! Especially one! I found myself a old man crush or what you should call it!

I had been seen those "If Daryl dies we riot" shirts everywhere (mostly on youtubers, 'cause they are the people i see the most these days o.o) and never understod them.. but now! I freaking love Daryl!!! He is like the best and i don't know what the series would be like, if he died O.O  He is so hardcore but still so sweet!

Who do not love him?! With his crossbow, motorcycle and now a baby?! STOP IT! MERCY ME!

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