Saturday 22 March 2014

I love skirts!

Okay i wasn't supposed to buy anything for myself cause i went shopping to find a birthday present for my friend but yeah.. that's what happening when you are waiting too long for the bus!
I was trying a lot of different skirts and dresses but i was trying to control myself and got only two! Be proud of me!!!!

So the minty green skaterskirt is from H&M and was only 130DKK so that was acceptable.
The other tartan one was a "collection test" from Sisters Point. They only got one home for the store of each thing on the rack for only 100DKK.

The belt was just something i think would look good with the minty green skirt. It's from VILA and was also only 130DKK.

Aaaad in the end i was kind of in love with this dress but im not the hardcore party type and i can't see when i could wear a dress like this, but it was sooo pretty and the fabrics would be amazing at summer time!

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