Tuesday 4 February 2014

Nothing to do!

Really! Nothing is happening!

Im just sitting home doing nothing at all. Im lucky if im going for a little shopping trip to the city... well i can't really use any money cause i don't really have that much and i'm desperate to get a job pretty soon!

I have made soooo many applications and been to a job interview but still no job..

I have been at a education congress thingy last week and spoke with some students from the different places i have been thing of studying sooner or later but it just made me more confussed!

I don't know if i want to go to the university anymore.. i was so ready to do it untill i spoke with the guy at the congress! Now im actually considering the international business academy instead!

I still think i want to try out the guide school first. The people i met was really nice and funny, a bit loud, but nice! They were ready to send me to Spain immediately which was cool! But i want to travel first! I want to see some parts of the world i know i'll never get to see if first i get an aducation, a job and a flat! (i don't even dare to think further brrrh!)

It would be easier if i was just good at drawing and i could get my dream job as an animator, but im simply not good enough to get in on the animation workshop. sigh...

I am just one big question mark walking around.. don't know what to do... somebody give me a fucking job! Jesus christ!

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