Tuesday 18 February 2014

New header! You like it?

Oh boy!  I have cramps in my hand and i'm sitting very uncomfortable but a minute ago i finished my new header! If you have been on my blog before you may see i have changed it a lot! Still need to make a few changes but the header i had before annoyed me with the strong colors, so that was one of the first things i would do my self. With my own hands! Hand.. i only used my left hand to draw... well it depends! I was drinking tea with the right hand! ;----D

The header is clearly inspired by the marauders map from Harry Potter. Not so clearly if you are not a Harry Potter fan but yeah! I downloaded a customized font so it would be as close to the original fant from the marauders map or just something that a Harry Potter fan would recognize from the movie!

If you are not a Harry Potter fan.. What do you think?? It is too much fan based?? Should i make it a bit more personal??

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