Thursday 13 February 2014

Concerts i want to go to.. but can't

This is so unfair!
Why is all the fun happening i Copenhagen AND when i have no money?
I know Copenhagen is our capital but the rest of the country does exist too!! We do have concert halls all over the country! Jesus christ spread out a little! Will ya?

21/2 All Time Low is playing in 'Store Vega' and the tickets is only 220DKK !!! But the train ticket to Copenhagen is another price -.-  So i can't go!

17/3 Is it time to a japanese invasion! MIYAVI is freaking coming to Denmark?! Little Denmark?! It is amazing! I have been listing to his music since i was 15 or something and i have never thought it could be possible to get him to Denmark, but again... in Copenhagen... 'Studie 2'.

This is not making my anger against people in Copenhagen smaller.. They get all the best artists >.<

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