Tuesday 11 February 2014

Tartan look

I don't know anything about fasion! Like.. look at my header ^ i have no idea what im doing
 -Good! now i got that out of my system!
Now i can continue!

I have been obsessed with tartan forever! My first tartan dress (that i remember) i threw out not long ago, was from when i was 12! it was worn and i was keeping it together with safety pins! xD
I still have 2 i can't fit anymore because i lost some weight and 1 i bought last year which is my favorite piece of clothing! My tartan dress is also a bit too big now actually >.<
My bedding is tartan too at the moment and i keep looking at tartan clothes i can't afford anyway because im a unemployed bum!
Look at this beautiful clothes which is just waiting for me to get a job!
The pictures are link

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