Sunday 1 June 2014

Monthly Favorites: May

Best experience: As the Harry Potter geek i am i have to say it was when i was i London visiting the Warner Bros. studios the making of Harry Potter! It was amazing! You can read about it here and see some of my pictures!

Favorite movie: Just yesterday i was in the cinema with a friend and watched Maleficent. It wsa not what i expected but it was really good! Go watch it now! We saw it in 3D and it i a really well made movie! But it's Disney so... i can't be shitty, right? 

Favorite TV-series: Awkward! I was about to be Team Luke but in the clip from the next episode it looks like he is cheating... i don't know anymore?! I like Matty but he is just annoying by now :(

Favorite song: Andy Biersack (leadsinger in Black Veil Brides) has started a solo project called Andy Black and he made this single and its really good!

Favorite band/singer: Eric Saade. I don't know why i have been in such a Eurovision mood but Eric Saade is one of my all time favorites that ever have been in Eurovision. He did not made it to the international final the first time he was in the swedish eurovision 2009, but he came in third the year after!

Favorite youtuber: Nick Pitera! He is the one man disney movie and he have done it again! I found out that he made a video for Oh my Disney and he is playing a whole village by himself! It is a song from Beauty and the Beast and you can watch it here!

Favorite youtube video: There is something wrong with you if you don't know who Maru the cat is! 

Favorite game: The Classic.. the game i have been playing the most through time: The Sims 3! I can't remember that i have been playing other games this month so i have to say Sims! I have so many games i have to try im just really lazy at this point.

Best buy: Uuuh it's so hard cause i have spend sooo much money in this month it's crazy! But.. hmmm... i guess it's my Harry Potter mugs xD   as i write here, i have been looking for these mugs forever and i found them at the Warner Bros. studios!

Favorite tea: When i was in Chinatown in London i found a little shops with only Chinese, japanese and korean things and i found this package with tea with NO information on it beside it said Oolong Tea. I tried it yeasterday and i guess i really like it? I have only tried it once now and it is really strong which i like. Kind of like a black tea, but not quite. It's hard to explain really.

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