Tuesday 13 May 2014

Back from London! - Warner Bros. Studio tour: The making of Harry Potter

Wow it have been a long day now but i am back from London!
It is with mixed feelings im sitting in my own livingroom again.
I reeeally love England, the big city and traveling, but my bed at home is the best one to sleep in!

It's second time i was there, but this time was with my parents, who had never been there before. I was mostly showing them around places i have already been but a few things have been added.

This time i was in the Warner Bros. Studio. The Making of Harry Potter! It was the best part of the trip! I am the biggest geek... but the intro was amazing!

They shows a short behind the scenes film on a big screen and when it was done the canvas was coiled and behind it was the door to the great hall and Hedwigs theme was playing in the background and it was truly magical! Not going to lie... i cried... just a little bit!

All the scenes was there like the potion classroom, Dumbledores office, Hagrids hut and the Ministry of Magic etc.!!

In the end of the tour was the most beautiful thing ever! A small model of Hogwarts and the nature around it! they have been filming around this model and added the effects. They showed a video that showed how they did it all! It was sooo beautiful! You can't imagine!!! The photos is nothing!

A fun part was also the green screen. If you don't know what it is, its a screen in a green color a computer can replace with another video or picture. They used it a lot for the quidditch scenes and.... you could try it!!! I was a little disappointed that they didn't have a slytherin robe so i was wearing a gryffindor when i tried it. I got some photos taken but i have to scan them before i can put them up here, but i promise i will show them! 

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