Tuesday 3 June 2014

London Shopping: Clothes edition

Im am very disappointed with my shopping gene here! I was in soo many stores and i looked at so much clothes but i did not really buy that much!!!

I found a Forever 21 on Oxford Street and i was crazy excited cause i have been looking at their page sooo many times before and cursing over the shipping. They have a lot of cool stuff but the day i was at Oxford Street i had one of those days (sadly) where i was thinking "Do i really need this?" Instead of buying everything i liked... Not to mention it again, but i lost a lot of weight and my summer clothes was too big for me, so i needed some shorts.

These are kind of high wasted so i guess they will do great with a crop top!
And they had a big section with Sleep Wear. so yeah! I like the dog print (/*.*)/

In every souvenir shop they had a lot of different London shirts and all that. A lot of them was really ugly but i think this one was a great souvenir without it screaming "this is a souvenir from London!" 

Sorry for exposing my belly fat on the blog but i got this super cute crop top from H&M! i love everything Japanese/chinese and the cats on the shirt is the japanese lucky cat Maneki-neko. Normally you get the cat in small statues and they are like a lucky charm or talisman and you can get them in different colours. Every colour have a meaning. The white is for good luck generally and the black for good health. This must be my new lucky shirt!

Embarrassing but i was looking for a Victoria's Secret for a looong time but never found it. It should be somewhere in the Soho area but... yeah.. this genius forgot the map. LUCKY FOR ME they had one in the airport.. a rather small one sadly.. but i did get some underwear from there.. not that i want to take pics of it.. but here is the cute bag i got!

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