Friday 23 May 2014

London shopping: Harry Potter edition

Now that i fianlly found Platform 9 3/4 and was at the Warner Bros. Studios i took the opportunity (as the giant Harry Potter geek i am) to do a lot of merchandise shopping.

 I was at Warner Bros. first and i really wanted to buy everything! The original school uniforms really spoke to me, but there was no prices on them and i didn't dare to ask the old mustache guy who was watching over the most expensive part of the shop...

Anywas i got a few thing! The Tales of Beedle The Bard! It was half the price of the one in danish at the nearest bookstore so of course i had to buy it! I ended up with small things like a magnet with Fawkes on it cause that was the same picture that was on my entre ticket :3 A little keychain with deathly hallows symbol now that i could not find the necklace. And a stack of postcards i will decorate my room with! Then i got some bookmarks for free!! yey

I have to talk about these mugs. I loooove them and i have seen them a few times online before and fell in love with them from the start. But the only place i could find them was the homepage of Universal studios in Orlando.. and i don't think that a porcelain mug can get from USA to Denmark without dying. SO when i found these in London i was so excited and i had to buy two... ups!

And this one is really important to me! Yes i am a Slytherin! A proud one! And i have been looking for a fake one of these badges on ebay before (guilty!) but non of them looked like the original and a few of them was actually the wrong color o.o  But i found this to add to the (not quite) uniform i have! I really just need the rope and i could go for a real Slytherin.

At Kings Cross Station there is a store next to their (fake -o-) platform 9 3/4 and it was full of people but my dad was actually excited about it. I guess it was because i was almost dancing and hardcore fangirling when i saw it. I was fangirling in the Studio as well but my dad stayed home at the hotel that day. But even though he is not a Harry Potter fan, he bought a pin for his cap that said Platform 9 3/4 xD  It was also his idea that i needed the mug btw. He thought it looked cool. 

Once again the Slytherin pride! A little badge for 1£ can't hurt anyone! I just need a place to put it on now.

And an official ticket to the Hogwarts express! Actually it was also my dads idea that i needed this one xD  I though it was weird to buy, but i looked around and saw what all the others got and then i felt pretty normal when i bought this. (*cough* plastic Harry Potter glasses *cough*)
But sorry guys it's only one way. Im leaving for goods!!

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