Sunday 15 June 2014

Karup Å Koncert 2014

Yet again yet again!
i think it's 15. year in a row i have been to the Karup Å koncert! I really enjoy it though! It's a weekend with family, friends and good music! Well not all of the music are good but you can just stay in the caravan if you don't want to hear it.
I baked a Apple and cinnamon cake now that it is a tradition that my grandparents comes and visit us and to see the flea market near the campsite. And i just like baking..

In the evening Lars Lilholt came on the stage, which is the main reason everyone is there. For the first time i had my SLR camera with me so i tried to get infront of the stage to get some nice pictures, while my family stayed behind. I did not get too close and im not the tallest person in the world so my pictures were a little shitty in the start, but an extremely nice (and handsome!) guy saw me with my camera and help me closer to the stage and was standing by my side the rest of the time i was in front of the stage to make sure that no one was comming near me and my expensive camera with their beer and all that. And he made people in front of me move! xD  it was so cool! But i didn't get to talk with him that much :C

Also i met some old friends i haven't really been talking to in ages! It was soo good to see them again and i really want to get more in contact with them again before i go to spain!

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